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until October 28th blog stopped, November 5th morning when I see included Bo silly eye, love Shanghai became more than 100, page snapshot disappeared. Scared into a cold sweat. No matter what you feel in love with the sea, it gradually changes over the next few days, the final stop in the current page 33 page is still missing.

is out of the question, a day before the background on the blog to shuffle, always remain perplexed despite much thought, how my blog, I posted a good post is not an accurate da. In view of love.

so the third site is also mentioned in this article blog in May this year on the line, you should be able to think of the domain name on the line after what was the effect of the. Anyway, the feeling will be very difficult, as some of the new domain name does not exist what bad records, and the name of my record is very obvious, is likely to be fu/mian records, although I didn’t do what we. Blog by JBLOG program, a Chinese blog development program, his reason is to support the static blog and PHP program. On line second day Shanghai put the original old data all clear, then nearly 20 tianbai included the blog home page. After the line has been adhering to the manual writing contents, occasionally send some PPT background. This persisted for about 4 months, I feel like giving up love, Shanghai began to include the blog content page, from September to October it gradually increased to nearly 200, the weight of love Shanghai more and more is also high, although not included in the content page every day, but the snapshot is updated every day.

my second station application domain name after the line after three months on the line, because the content is pure acquisition nor pseudo original, so not what their way, give up. The opening of the new domain name to adjust the content and updating method, the new site now included is good, the outlook is bright. Now I say second station domain name after idle, in order not to waste resources, I set up the new sites, a personal blog.

by the original acquisition station, think to do an absolutely original site to try the effect. The actual situation of this original idea is certainly not what the problem is, my blog is a big problem. The reason is that second of my site I give up three months after the update found love Shanghai actually included, a little willow Liu Cheng Yin feeling. But I was not happy, because my third stations and second stations are the same, even third stations are in the second station acquisition based on the content deleted part was established. As can be imagined second of my domain name basically is in a difficult situation now has two, but not included, then, must give up, do it new and old included. We want to put a period of time, Shanghai love the old collection are deleted and re start the new sites. Later, in the webmaster forum asked many webmaster, some say to do new sites just now, do not have to wait for the removal of old included on the line.

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