Personal experience of Shanghai site is equal to 20 of the phenomenon of love

made a post on the A5 forum posts, did not think so hot, hot with a confused ah, no post promotion, not sticky, even not featured in one day received 941 hits, surprised me for a long time, have to say that things are generally the situation for our webmaster, then what is a phenomenon, is actually about love after Shanghai site included only 20 of the phenomenon, love Shanghai said on Monday it will reset the site property, but a week later, our site is still low, what is the problem? How should we face?

Remember Friday when

the first point: what’s wrong, so in love with a Shanghai official, explained, " " replication, so that there is indeed a problem, love Shanghai site, remember some time ago site property problems, what is the first question, is site, the when we use site site wide of the mark, the query included, is actually the inside pages of other sites, have to say this is a big problem of love in Shanghai, and then issued a message that site adjustment in the 27 time, and refers to the adjustment to restore site properties, as a result of this phenomenon.

second: site property changes and noble baby PR the same day, then, have to say, when love Shanghai Lee news release, said the 27 update, should not know what is noble baby PR, so the same day is a coincidence, is not a difficult "love in Shanghai said in the aristocratic PR baby the same day, PR increased, site will be greatly reduced; PR decreased, site increased, both sides believe that this is an innocent talk.

third: site in the end what is the problem in third ways, in the past few days, Shanghai love a statistical tool called Shanghai Longfeng proposal, applicants need to email and mobile phone number, if there is a website and a telephone number, the love of Shanghai promotion will be more convenient, so hey, since someone that explains the meaning, or another point, when site was not used, love Shanghai statistics site should be the most accurate, when the site is no longer valid, love is nothing but a good Shanghai statistical means, the one hand to improve the installed capacity, on the one hand to improve visibility, borrow more love Shanghai statistics on effect.

fourth: I understand, site is love Shanghai in data adjustment, after all included in the site is about to participate in direct competition in Shanghai ranked players love this point, I believe we all know, so long will participate in the competition in the page address correlation has better integration, and finally, select the appropriate page > below


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