How to break through the Shanghai site optimization love weight checked again

as mentioned above, this is a good phenomenon, as a son-in-law has been mother-in-law first recognized, the next step is to take advantage of the fire brick, but still have to be careful to control the heat, webmaster friends should be analyzed according to their own circumstances, if the new station should pay attention to the original article writing. The construction of the chain, if it is right to stand down, it should be analyzed according to the specific situation, but whether new or old station, should pay attention to the following points:

I believe that many owners have to understand, the reason is mainly aimed at the railway station and right down station, the main railway station is the weight of itself is not enough, and the right to stand down is revised, the server is not stable, the chain factors, website weight factors, which have led to the emergence of the phenomenon of assessment. Especially new sites, many of my friends have always said his article is original, why not search, this is because the new weight is not enough, love Shanghai strict examination, but would love Shanghai archive review, content analysis, if confirmed as original words will be immediately released, and given a certain weight so, in the new time, we must pay attention to the original article, give yourself some weight to stand, let love Shanghai for your station approval.

we love Shanghai weight of the audit, if love is the beginning of Shanghai on the website of the acceptance period, then this is the love of Shanghai weight, obviously, this phenomenon on a website it is a good thing, because it means that your site has let love Shanghai accredited, love Shanghai had given you a certain weight, but you want to have a qualitative improvement, you have to break through the bottom line, as long as the efforts to make this kind of phenomenon is lost, your website ranking, website quality, website traffic will have a qualitative change will your website weight, there is a big upgrade.

This phenomenon can be seen as

as for the right to stand down, no matter what the reason is, will cause the re examination of love Shanghai, re weight distribution site, but due to the original site, love in Shanghai after a period of time, will return to the weight, it depends on the basis of the right to stand down is good enough, the better the base station. Drop right after recover faster, checked again a short time a lot.

when you start your website for rapid collection of time, when you see your site included increased day by day when you are pleased with oneself, but soon you will find that your site there will be some phenomena such as: the content of the website is released included, and there will be a good ranking, but soon, they found just included in the article but how also can not find, or sometimes found over a period of time "was re released, but there is still no rankings, believe this is many webmaster will meet the problem, this is mainly in the two stations easily that is, a new station, gradually establish the weights, one is the old station is right down, there will be gradually restore weight.

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