Speak with the facts the seven trick chain to maximize efficiency

four for the Google PR high

This is not The

three: high weight blog

five: Links exchange platform

in the exit after the effect of PR Chinese, also is it down but still has the reference of many factors, the fact that Google PR is a reflection of the macro evaluation of website quality. Today, summarizes some high PR forum, A5 forum for reference only: PR6, PR6, laggards forum PR7, Ali mother network official on his PR6, PR5, PR5 in thunder forum forum.

: a search engine login

ForumGoogle First we

blog has been used by Shanghai dragon Er techniques, there are many owners also do not understand exactly what the high weight blog and can release the chain: love Shanghai space (webmaster will), blog, blog, NetEase Sina blog, blog, blog, Sohu, blog, and the blog network gold online, including Sina, Shanghai, and the highest weight space of love.

in order to maximize efficiency and website owners, the quality and quantity of the chain, we do not agree with the owners of "carpet" forum from outside the chain, but many don’t delete links will not say, and some of the link quality is unsatisfactory, over twice the result with half is also unknown. Recommend the following binary Forum: ifeng贵族宝贝 Forum (not too conspicuous), the community (a strong correlation, a), and the forum, sun bird community, A5 nets, Ali mother CLUB, thunder forum, laggards, 51la forum, if released every day 3 article text in these forums, so the equivalent of 30 high quality chain.

in examples in detail, such as the large platform now widely, the author has done some experiments, the most.

from basic to start, for a new station, on the line after the first step is the search engine login". The website information submitted to the search engine, search engine for further crawl. Note: the website is not easy to be repeatedly submitted, otherwise the K station. In fact there are many search engines, but we only need to submit a few can: love Shanghai, Google, YAHOO, Sogou, Bing, and Alexa, as for some other unnecessary submission, and even some foreign owners of search engines, to the end of the effect is little.

site outside the chain is an important part of improving the popularity of the website and search engine trust, can be said to determine the pros and cons of future web site. Site quality how, from the chain effect is remarkable. How will the site build a link with high quality and large quantity of external quality website, has become an integral part of the daily work station. This article on how to master in the day to maximize the website quality chain to discuss.

two: with high weight chain forum

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