Talk about how to use the herd effect to network promotion

so how to find these hot events or information? That will see more love Shanghai billboard. "

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for our promotion, we should use these hot issues, the herd to the extreme, such as from the choice of keywords from the content, speculation and so on, are able to play the herding, the Internet now the hottest word is the natural Libya air strikes, the degree of concern has greatly exceeded the Japanese nuclear radiation and then we can use the petroleum competition analysis of Libya to guide you to view on the Western powers for oil, causing another round of competition, of course we do promotion, attracting traffic is not the ultimate goal, so we guide the flow at the same time, to the site and goods the combination of these events, so as to bring a more accurate flow


for us to do the promotion, to become the initiator of evil herding is very difficult, but we can be third sheep, fourth sheep is possible, so can drive the back of the sheep in the camp, so we must focus on hot issues, found from the intersection between the hot events and to promote their own products, so you can use this intersection for better promotion effect of

website operation is the most critical promotion, a lot of people have two distinct views on network promotion, a think network promotion is very simple, is not a post, send the information to the QQ group inside the line, another is the opposite view, promotion is very difficult, no matter how feel efforts, the promotion effect is bad, in fact, these two kinds of thinking is wrong, the key is not to grasp the specific promotion methods

sheep or, or have the obvious herd mentality, but also not only reflected in our Oriental people, Europe’s performance is also very obvious, we can see scary herding from the salt rush event, if not timely stop. The salt will be paralyzed, but fortunately there are strong institutions in a timely manner to stop the spread of the herd, and will not be further expanded to


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here we have to introduce a flock of effect of the promotion methods, then what is the herd? This is a story about the ancient, that is a shepherd driving a flock of sheep, and let the sheep grazing near the river, but suddenly there is a sheep actually fell into the river carelessly go inside, but such a nature, that is when a sheep to do a thing, all the rest will follow the first sheep track to do so, second sheep also jump into the river, only third, fourth only a jump, and then to the shepherd stop the sheep jump into the river so they have also jumped down, eventually the sheep and shepherds are dead, later took effect this blindly follow hot events to do is called herding, and the herd effect is our promotion The most important means of

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