Shanghai dragon master is to worship it

think, long term, which is more cost-effective?

I believe there are a lot of

3, the new Shanghai dragon really can say goodbye to hard times?


1, a short page ranking value of

Shanghai dragon to seek a breakthrough, others do not pay attention to the details, but not others do not dare to do a gambler million desirable

imagine, if you are not to hype the fame, short page ranking value of

" Shanghai dragon has a special, largely do this word is to do the training. Whether active or passive, line up will have speculation effect. If you do Shanghai dragon training, a speculation effect is quite good, no matter can sustain this ranking, the purpose of marketing have been reached.

many people worship such as rain, Shanghai dragon password short time words rushed to the home page, but if you do the site as they quickly rushed to the home page, and then quickly out of sight I do not know, even by the K station, you are willing to do such a thing?

Black hat The word "

effect is good, can quickly get the ranking, we all know this. But at the same time, we should also know that black hat also faces great risk, believe it will be a K station. On the other hand, each update algorithm will be let the black hat very careful, top ups and downs. Spent time doing, black hat technology is likely to come to nothing overnight, and white hat can reach a steady rise.

also, some Shanghai dragon Er announced that "Shanghai dragon to seek a breakthrough, others do not dare to do" Benniao, think this statement is not correct. To know the high return must be accompanied by high risk, and the gambler’s mentality is absolutely not desirable. There are thousands of gamblers, but the real fortune by gambling has several people? We can not only see some bright moments, but did not notice how many people died in this bright road.

Er, Shanghai dragon worship rain Shanghai dragon password can put the key words do love Shanghai home in a short period of time, feel this technology is very sacred, think oneself also can love that some day in the future the rape of Shanghai. However, in the Shanghai Dragon Technology Internet flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is really worthy of worship? We simply discuss from several aspects:

in Shanghai behind the mysterious dragon, is like the Shanghai dragon life. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er all know that your daily work is very boring, as you ridicule Internet workers in general. So, some people will timely put forward the "new Shanghai dragon", that allows you to bid farewell to the era. But we careful study will find that the website is still hard times to bid farewell to the chain is massive, and even unknown sprocket stations. You can see.


2, black hat and undesirable gambler


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