That love Shanghai and Taobao on robots graphic screen

the result is the same, Tmall is still being grabbed.

we can see that Taobao has refused to love Shanghai spiders on the entire site and included in the robots index. The event has been in the past four years or so, the result is really love Shanghai can not crawl Taobao page? The fact is that love Shanghai does not comply with the robots agreement, or part of the page on Taobao to crawl. As shown below.

another not abide by the agreement is a scouring network, has attracted the attention of e-commerce site information you should know, the Jingdong store, Newegg also has a shield for a scouring network through the robots, as shown below. But we can still find the relevant pages of these sites in amoy.

above, we can find many pages of Taobao still loved Shanghai grab a. For the love of Shanghai why not comply with the robots agreement, Taobao insisted on a page to grab it? I think this is a strategic direction, we all know that Taobao is currently the biggest Internet e-commerce platform, which plays an important role. We continue to check the, in the Taobao famous shops, such as starry in fall in love with the sea also has a good ranking. Note the proof of love with Taobao’s attention on Shanghai. At the same time, we found that Taobao has recently changed its name to Tmall Taobao mall also denied love Shanghai, as shown below.

I think the domestic Internet is still in a relatively chaotic pattern, many companies do not comply with the relevant agreement, it is worthy of our reflection, the author thinks that as an Internet giant, should from the self do it by example. An Internet industry. In this paper, by the Shenzhen construction site 贵族宝贝 compiled, reproduced please keep the source.

in the 08 year all about Taobao use robots protocol to raise a Babel of criticism of shielding spider love Shanghai event, must have experienced the event are still fresh, Taobao to have bad businesses through love Shanghai reasons for PPC or search engine optimization way to deceive the consumer, refused love Shanghai search engine, and the method is to use robots protocol shielding love Shanghai. As shown below.



another point is that because Tmall’s weight is too high, then love Shanghai to break the agreement index grab.


The reason for this result


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