Shanghai dragon ER cannot have four kinds of mentality

The coverage rate and position of the

everyone’s mood to understand, but I don’t think that’s really necessary every day staring at the search engine to see included quantity, chain number. Because Shanghai Longfeng not check out, but to do it, more time should be spent in the process of implementation.

to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon is one of the most common mistakes, especially some of the primary Shanghai dragon ER and enterprise website, especially serious. Shanghai Longfeng Er often have such confusion, we may be the site optimization very in place, but the effect is not very ideal, for example: the title keyword strategy is in place, the internal page set up within the chain, keyword density of the page is also very good, website update quantity control is very good, but also through content carefully the pseudo original articles on keywords, selection of fine, then every day to do outside the chain, but the result is not satisfactory. The cause is a departure from the user, not shown to the user, but purely in order to cater to the search engine and do, we all know that search is a business structure, search engine is certainly in order to cater to the needs of users, if the user does not love the content search engine that is not love.

search engine on the Internet has become increasingly high, Shanghai dragon trend can be said to be like a raging fire, Shanghai dragon learning has become a necessary course of webmasters, but because many people accept no formal or not system training, produced a lot of bad phenomenon and misunderstanding on the understanding and operation of Shanghai dragon on the author and we talk about some of the most common and most deadly in the understanding of Shanghai dragon misunderstanding, we hope to help you, and can reduce the road bends in the concrete operation.


on this issue, the author has previously written an essay like this, introduces the promotion of the Internet, because many people just contact network promotion, think network promotion is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the network promotion, in fact, Shanghai Longfeng effect is good, but Shanghai is a dragon many network promotion method, not all sites are suitable for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon can only bring users, can keep users, can not allow the user to pay for our products and services is not to decide the Shanghai dragon.

we often see people posting said, included my xdjrw贵族宝贝 how rare today 10 ah, how is it? Or prawns, my site outside the chain suddenly increased a lot, it will not be a problem! Such a problem we can be seen everywhere, such as the following users than

2: Shanghai and Shanghai Dragon Dragon don’t

3: not every day staring at the search engine

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1: promotion is not only the Shanghai dragon

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