Analysis of the status quo Links

3.BaiduRank is cheating the brush out. That is because most concentrated in Shanghai Longfeng Er [Er] Shanghai Longfeng elementary blindly believe that the third party tools to provide the data, ignoring the limitations of the tool itself algorithm. But with the development of the industry, some brush flow tools, the true value of BR value is questionable.

4. the background of Baidu is not clear numerical index can determine the value of a website. The Baidu above is a dynamic value, which leads to the conflict of Shanghai dragon Er daily work, so the third party provides the so-called br value will have a market, at least there is a clear judgment of values can be used as Shanghai dragon Er exchange website, the vicious circle.

for the following analysis:

2. Pagerank as the noble baby evaluation of website quality official basis and in the domestic is not taken seriously.

proposed to nobility baby’s official PageRank, is China characteristics of self – protection. In contrast to BaiduRank, PageRank is one of the elements of the page rank noble baby, born orthodox. Here is that, PageRank is not valued in domestic terms.

1., the market exit China noble baby. Now most of the domestic Internet is not directly login is not a noble baby, most of the domestic Internet traffic, so most of the site for the domestic market is not the meaning of optimization, because there is no traffic for ER [Shanghai Longfeng can through special documents or third party can directly reach]. >

seems in front plus a "China characteristic" became clear in small series, BaiduRank can be said to be the product of Chinese features obscenity out, as synonymous with conventional flow [br=], flow this indicator is the general site of Shanghai Longfeng exchange link, according to er.

1. BaiduRank is not officially recognized and is regarded as the main basis for

1.Baidu official Webmaster Platform repeatedly stated Baidurank [PageRank] Shanghai love does not exist.


then created a problem, high reliability etc. the following analysis:


as the Shanghai dragon Er contact Links is inevitable. Of course, some strange phenomenon is easy to talk about small families, two:

2.Baidu to determine the value of a website is dynamic. The same site obtained in different scenes, the score is not the same, the br value is third party tools under certain conditions for a single scene, calculating demand estimated that no actual guiding significance for the operation.

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