Description description method of writing experience

  1, good creative, if done for friends, all know that good ideas can get unexpected good rankings, your creativity is good, may be in the first row of the left, but the price may be more than second cheaper, we are here to say a good idea also is the description of the site and how to better introduce the site, how to attract more users to click on, how to save the user time, how does not affect the user experience, everything is a good description of the site, website. The search engine is for the user to consider, if the content is not clear, open after the user does not need to waste time, users, resulting in a waste flow, affecting the user experience.

      4 pages, each using a different description, search engines love original articles, search engines crawl the site search from the title, and then describe, understand this article about the content through the description, if the website describes all the same, the spider grab, do not know is not repeated, influence the spider grab; to the user, a search engine to show to the user site, users do not know about the contents of the article, click on, rankings are not good, look at your website if there is this problem, feel correct.

      2, the search engine is introduced to describe the search results display brief website to website, website search engine description is displayed to the user, the website description of good and bad, directly affect whether the site has good rankings, for example, the description is a summary of the article, or is the first paragraph of the article, and closely related to subject, content, so you can get search engine, natural ranking is better. Now many programs can be directly displayed abstract, greatly reduce the labor cost, it is still good, but some enterprise stand and blog, or not in this label, the need to strengthen the development of these functions!

      5, the description does not accumulate words, this is in Yuan and lectures and diagnosis, has been emphasized, described is a paragraph of text, not words, friends may know the keyword has been abandoned by some search engines, the description is more important, the search engine can identify your keywords or a paragraph of text, if the keyword accumulation of words, the probability of search engine grab is very low, this I don’t emphasize.

      3, describes the impact of user clicks, since it is the abstract description, if the user search, the search engine index in the front row, if the description written attractive, there are good ideas, such as discounts, promotions, product uniqueness, and different points of other products, these are can attract click. Now more, such as slimming products, to highlight the green, safe, no side effect, this is to attract users to click, you may wish to try.

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