Carefully written Website Title Optimization of Shanghai dragon half of success


most of the time, I find that Shanghai dragon and life, must know the "homes" and "relationship". Shanghai Longfeng work is not the most painful period do not go up, but do not know the choice of words as the target keyword. Every word is, every word has the flow, so that every word written in title, and title became the stack keywords place. Because the search engine doesn’t love the title stack keywords that users don’t love. When I find a pure keyword stuffing out of title in Shanghai in search results, the first impression is that this is a waste.

note: every time I always tremble with fear, strokes, manufacturing of garbage. I know a lot about how to write Title articles, but I did not fully accept their views, so we had to write down the teeth of adventure.


ZAC mentioned in the "Shanghai dragon code" for the love of combat, Shanghai, influence of page ranking the most important factor is title, followed by page H1 tags. The mad man is not a blind worship of authority, but nearly 3 years of experience in the Internet also confirmed that he was right. In fact, a Shanghai dragon knows the importance of title, don’t you see the website keywords innumerable wrote dozens in the home inside the title, however, ranking is not ideal. The reason is not that they don’t pay attention to title, but too much emphasis on the title! And not love others, the search engine is not stack keywords in Title

crazy men think, a good title must have three principles: a title text is not more than 32 Chinese characters, it includes two target keywords to be optimized, it is three or a sentence. The first point is hard, because love Shanghai search results to the title can only accommodate 32 Chinese characters, extra text will be"……" Instead, the user can not determine the page content from the title, affecting the user experience. Meet the second fairly easy, the key is when we meet after second cannot satisfy the third

Title website to discuss writing, we must first make clear the role of title. According to the experience of mad men, title has at least two aspects, one is the ranking function mentioned above, the two is to attract click action. A ranking role here is not wordy, we talk about the role of title to attract click. When we search for love in Shanghai when a keyword, the eye is a title plus description entry. The title is < H1 > tag, more eye-catching, is the general description of the text. Our browsing habits is generally the first to look at the title, and then click on the item, to determine whether or not. There are a large number of people watching will decide whether to click on the title. Therefore, a person should click on your website, in addition to ranking, a good title is important.

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