Ali acquisition of high property search results for a new map of Shanghai

actually I haven’t felt this map based search results what is good, but in my search "Shanghai site construction" to see the panorama, the moment I suddenly felt for the user search, the search results are worthy of recognition. Then I search for "Suzhou where fun", search out the map without panorama, but with the continuous development and breakthrough of panoramic three-dimensional map, the map search results the user experience will be better, such as Suzhou where the fun I search scene if there are panoramic three-dimensional map, the user search even "first in the" experience. And if I were looking for a >

only if you are standing in the station position, love to say Shanghai’s search results to Shanghai’s own "thing" has been more than enough, the proportion is too large, and now give love map of Shanghai so "care", this let the webmaster friends and staff can not help twelve website optimization Speechless. This move and love Shanghai too hard, on the one hand to "love Shanghai map" spread in the search results, on the one hand, "forced" corporate owners pay engage in "map" (mark of love map of Shanghai as keywords to be charged).

what kind of "keyword" will trigger the "map"


love Shanghai certainly is not such a fool as to whether you found what keywords, are the first to get you a love map of Shanghai, that is self smashing signs. Now this special status of "map" has just appeared, certainly also is perfect, here we also can only vaguely to guess what kind of keywords will trigger the "map" effect. I try to search a lot of words in my most familiar website construction industry, the construction of regional now search sites such as Suzhou website, Shanghai website construction and the words will trigger a "map" effect. In fact, this keyword is not difficult to guess, when users search for the keyword search for companies, manufacturers have a "place" of the nature of the time could trigger a "map" effect. But also need to meet another fundamental condition is that search keywords had a keyword map marked. But this point with love Shanghai for map this special treatment, the keyword map marked "will quickly be webmaster friends and Shanghai Longfeng practitioners pay attention to it. Keywords map marked so many people but also involves a ranking on the map, it remains to be further studied.


can now many of my friends have also found that many of the search results page is the first love map of Shanghai (as shown below is my search "Suzhou site construction" and "Tianma network" in the search results). The first is to reflect my love sea map tactics may be for a few days ago, the acquisition of high moral ali. The search results to the user experience?

This type of

map search results the user experience is good

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