Do 301 steering thoughts after 301 to hope to prepare useful

second week love Shanghai after the update, found only included depressed and released home. After a few days did not see release sub page. As everyone knows, generally included the home page, included second days will gradually release the sub pages. Good brother, still maintain a good attitude, a good attitude maybe could marry a good wife. This is when I don’t love good luck, met in Shanghai the two audit. The reason that we should do is to check the site, for example, the space is too slow, Guan Jian illegal. Sweat, be too careful, but be careful to make the boat. After the inspection found no such as many problems, the rest I was patiently waiting for love in Shanghai checked again, and then do our job on the line. That will generally normal included three weeks.

first said that what is called the 301 turn 301 turn (or call 301 redirect, 301 jump) is when the user or search engine web server sends to the browser request header information, the HTTP server data flow (header) in a status code, "said the permanent transfer to another address.

niche published technical articles, may express unclear, hope to understand.

301 after the turn, the first week of the Shanghai love spider climbed up the net by several slowly rising to more than 100 days. I thought this should be turned to love Shanghai climb to the old station after. There are words that have the game. Spider, continue to update the site information is included in the Shanghai love day. We have to do the first week of the thing is very simple, is the original site update, the chain don’t send too fast, your site is not included no weight, be careful on everything.

third weeks after the big update > love Shanghai.



The first

then use Adsense tools to check the website of the other search engines, the noble baby included still fast, found the PR value of the site should reach PR2, it is the old station PR turn.

believes that many webmaster have site is K, a game site, site ranking is very good, but suddenly one day is in love with the sea rather baffling K, ranking all fall down. This game webmaster still did not give up, every day to update the site every day outside the chain, he could not find out why. Lasted nearly a year the ranking is still not up. Presumably this time most of the webmaster will think of another domain name, then the old station weight and PR turn again to do the new optimization faster. But the game owners do not know 301 about this, so he finally chose to give up.

to talk about me on the site until 301 to observe included. That how to do the 301 turn, most of the webmaster all know, if you don’t know can love Shanghai.

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