Webmaster focus Discuzx2 optimization of new policy in advance

site open speed a relationship according to the server, on the other hand the program itself. In the above Discuzx2 have also made a great improvement.

content can be said that in addition to QQ’s new Internet outside a big bright spot, however, should use the main keyword and screening of the long tail keywords, not every page only define your keywords, can not distinguish primary and secondary dispersion leads to the core of the theme. Optimization in place will undoubtedly make the theme more focus on core, each page also features are also more conducive to search engine index, but it is a double-edged sword? However, the search engine is not how you want to do optimization optimization, Shanghai dragon off defined key words to describe the optimization, 000 don’t overdo to finally be right down, in fact, the author thinks that the key of every plate of each page to add 2 key words about the most appropriate. Each industry is different in the description description and the 2 sentence is the most appropriate.

with the Tencent’s discuzx2 release, more and more owners to eye on this forum system. More people are optimistic about the cloud platform roaming, and the use of hundreds of millions of users of QQ Penguin master based to expand their network market. However there is a drawback. Some things have to rethink all the Webmaster: if your site and wide, and suddenly a variety of reasons for Tencent stop access on your forum system, this time you and the members how to log in to decide on what path to follow, not to your website? People have to reflect, on occasion to develop themselves at the same time, should not be calm down in advance to do some countermeasures? This is not the author here alarmist, seemingly impossible is impossible. Well now, those possible factors aside, how to say the following content only for the discuzx2 version to the optimization strategy.

The above picture display

two: to enhance the speed of






is known to be a great improvement of the discuzx2 version of the Shanghai dragon optimization, Title Keyword description of each page can be defined, each section can be independent of Shanghai Longfeng optimization settings, in order to enhance the website is search engine included odds. However, these function is more comprehensive, more conducive to search engine optimization, but also brings unfavorable factors for the site, for some of the primary owners tend to be more prone to errors is not good for search engine optimization.

This paper is composed of two

2, the server speed optimization (here to choose "

, head of the 1 static optimization




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