The medical site should continue to do the news source

two: news source content in the end how to do

three: News

we know the news source soft text is published in the news source on the website included, because the soft, high weight and can easily be reproduced in communication, has become a major tool for the medical industry, the importance of many medical website the news source is relatively high. However, because of fear of violation of Scindapsus algorithm 2, many medical websites operators or marketers of news sources that a slowly give up, guard even heard a lot of medical friends said, still do not afraid of news source, K

: a news source content you really related to

I believe a lot of friends send news source is an article sent to different places, under normal circumstances an article 10 page has been very good, plus the news source is reproduced, basically love Shanghai search results can carry three pages, too much has a flood. Most of my friends send news source is just a fixed article, or fixed mode.

station? What is the

algorithm 2 algorithm Scindapsus, plus Scindapsus algorithm 2 interpretation, many website operators immediately fear, reduce the release amount of news sources, and even some website operators do not press the source slowly. The guardian beside many medical website optimization friends do not do news source. Scindapsus algorithm 2 is really so bad? You afraid to fight? In fact, you don’t have to worry about, as long as do the following, or to optimize the website with the greatest degree of news sources.

Love Shanghai announced ?The

news sources believe that the webmaster friends have to understand, is popular to say that the search engines trust fast, high weight and dissemination of a good website. Of course, you can also see a love Shanghai encyclopedia explains that the guard stopped asking. This topic is whether medical websites should continue to do the news source, I hope everyone can express their views on.

website has been the problems related to the search engine and webmaster friends brought problems, we know our website content is very important, also attaches great importance to the effectiveness and user readability. So when we send news sources have to pay attention to the news sources are related. So select a news source platform is very important, try to choose the relevant website.

why do we have to do is to do what the advantages of news source? News source? Believe in doing news source of friends all know the news source has four characteristics: first, included fast, news source site basically is the second, the news source link to your own natural effect is very good; two, the weight of news sources the news source is high, and even love Shanghai trust the trust of users, so we published in the news source article is trust; three, assist the news source of the optimization, we released the news source will add anchor text and hyperlinks, achieves the best optimization effect; four, the news source web site to be reproduced, because it is easy to be trusted, because authority, so the news source content be reproduced.


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