The three trend on the 2012 Google Shanghai Dragon

three trends: high quality content is still the trend of

for us to optimize personnel, only to seize the trend of search engine to develop more in line with their own site optimization strategy, this paper hope for being ready to develop 2012 optimization strategies to help you. This paper consists of 贵族宝贝 finishing editing, reproduced please keep the source.

has experienced several updates in the 2011 Google panda algorithm, the increasing demand for the quality of the content. If we put in the past 2011 as a high quality website in 2012 this year, so it will not have what different. But not in the search engine optimization trend will turn to the three aspects of Google in 2012, or more. Today I just share a few in 2012, Google search engine optimization.

: a trend of search engine is more emphasis on social signal


in 2011, we have seen the development potential of mobile search. According to statistics, nearly 90% of the intelligent mobile phone users will open the Internet, there are more than 70% users can use their smart mobile phone or tablet computer to search, and 53% mobile users can choose online shopping. Although the desktop search and mobile search results will not be very different, but the site on mobile devices has more limitations, a mobile station needs to consider the site navigation, site layout, site loading speed etc.. This requires us to be more than ever to have the Shanghai dragon desktop search engine optimization technology more diversified.

two trends: mobile search ranking

has been the development of a search engine for high quality content. Continue to work with the search results to improve the quality of the content of the site in Google in 2012 will. For us to optimize personnel, to provide more fresh, high quality content is a big trend.

more important


essentially, the search will be more humane in 2012. This means that the search engine optimization through social media will be more dependent on social signals. This is a search engine optimization strategy of the extension, if you do not have a social signal is not the real Shanghai dragon. But Google last year launched its own social network noble baby + algorithm toward social signals tend to. As for the search giant, it also can use these signals to generate more in line with the search of the search intention search results. Of course, not just the personalized search through social signals, data analysis it through the search behavior of the search area, the search log recently came out of search results. But the social signal is no doubt that the 2012 Shanghai Longfeng trend.

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