The target love Shanghai home you want is just rankings

love Shanghai home page ranking was the ultimate goal of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, or in a certain extent, to give our customers requirements it is the specific keyword optimization to love Shanghai in the top ten, so when we will do a keyword of the first page, the next step should be how to do? Is to inform the customer, he told the keywords already on the line, and then continue to the next monthly money, single? No, maybe the answer is more than this.

ten years ago we had a word do home page, may create a millionaire, today we think of a word do home page, we just completed the task.

? Some people say that

if we ignore the network information and the rubbish pile up like a mountain hand false news, get rid of the annoying ads, we except by optimizing the ranking, what can be done to increase customer conversion rate? In fact we do not increase for customers in every hour and moment conversion rate, is a soft, we appear in the platform, if there is browse to the people, let him interested, we may have contributed to a transformation for customers; our Links emerged in the same industry website, when users visit these sites, probably because of a whim click the anchor text, we are invisible for customers to create a transformation; we released the chain in the news platform, B2B platform, our soft, lively and interesting, let readers have a good impression, so he accidentally again For a search, we once again created a transformation.

many beginners or just to move into the new thought of Shanghai Longfeng work is a specific keyword optimization to the home page, and then keep the home page ranking does not move, even if it is to complete the task. But many people do not know there is a word called for the transformation of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, the real optimization is to help customers from around the world to complete the transformation of a unknown to the public, high conversion rate from the low turnover rate, this is really a core of Shanghai Longfeng work. That is to say, we do all the work, whether it is content to update, the release of the soft exchange, friends of the chain, the chain is released, all of this work is to do the final conversion. Of course, in a sense, this is an empty word, because it’s too many Internet information, how to search engines also failed to identify exactly what information is useful, what information is spam. Ten years ago in Shanghai love to search for a keyword, the information may be most valuable, but now we search out the most advertising and false news.

Shanghai dragon

optimization is a fraud in the industry, he put the bad things to take advantage of the technology to the search engine page, create a transformation, and those with customer service people just didn’t do optimization, so that > No one shows any interest in.

then the question is, what is the superior love Shanghai ranked first or going into useful, useful

everyone has an answer.

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