The website structure how to affect the search engine included page

station link refers to the website all pages have links pointing to. The station link is often one of the highest weight website links. Links to the total accumulated too much weight, let other samples of the page weight is reduced, affect the content page features. To avoid this, we.

If the site uses


site should have a clear navigation and hierarchical structure, the web site of the important pages from the site should be able to find the location of the superficial. Love of Shanghai low weight website crawling depth is limited. A small website love Shanghai to grab it depth of not more than 3. This is why home page links are more likely to be included. We have found that included the Shanghai dragon interactive forum has been rising. And especially home this week popular part of the post without exception included. Even these posts included the return card more than ten pages.

2. dynamic URL parameters too much to the search engine grab page

Factors affecting


took over the Shenzhen jade (www.goingwin贵族宝贝) of this website. This site outside the chain of more than 3000, outside the chain of good quality. Included only 71. Moving closer look only to find the website page is very small. The product page is only two or three, only more than 60 other news page. It is no wonder that included only so little. To expand the scale of website is important guarantee to improve the conditions of the web site included. Expand the site will enhance the website weight.

website very much. But we have some of these factors are not good to control, is also not the urgency. But the structure of the website in our website at the beginning of the construction planning should be good. The website structure planning good website structure is conducive to the expansion and search sites included page. The structure of the website is how to affect the search engine included page

The size of the site

1.flash link spider to grab the page

dynamic web pages, reduce the number of parameters and control parameters of the length will be conducive to the collection. In general, it is hard to understand more than three parameters of URL on the intelligence of love Shanghai. Too many parameters can let the spider can’t grab or grab some of the meat to the same page content to the database.

believe that we all know. Love in Shanghai clear to the webmaster suggestions mentioned inside "love Shanghai temporarily unable to identify Flash, Javascript contents, this part may not be in love Shanghai search; only contains links to web pages in flash, Javascript, love Shanghai may not included" to our website every need included the page should have links to HTML.



5. station link

depth website structure

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