Liu Yugang the rapid increase of the website chain method see

in the study of the A5 time half a year after many times to see some master who emphasize how important the building reuse after awoken, and I am responsible for dumplings network began a new round of revolution — the chain increases. Speaking of the chain webmasters may first think of the Links, but I love Shanghai last year after the update algorithm, before Links to the weight of the website has not. So you don’t concentrate completely in exchange Links.

in addition, there are some methods such as love a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Shanghai know love love Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of library space and so on love their products in Shanghai. But now Shanghai know the basic link with love is not through love, Shanghai encyclopedia is also true, since love is pulled into the Shanghai library copyright dispute, love Shanghai library also delays the audit. Now Shanghai is relatively easy to love by love and love the experience of Shanghai Shanghai space, Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar know love but love love Shanghai encyclopedia can add links that will be very good effect.

4, free information release website


community forumThe !

blog and its users become fashionable for a time, a large number of calculation is also unable to browse. So it is a good tool for the use of the Internet marketing blog is good. These large portals are generally the news source of some website, if you blog article can to the portal home page, then your website traffic and anti Union will show explosive growth, with the increase of the chain blog will play to the extreme.

, the 2 major portal blog

1, Shanghai love their products:

community forum to become head of some heaven, countless stationmaster was fighting here, day and night crazy hair department links, more winners use group, but I don’t know the webmaster found no, this chain is often not a long time flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, will be the moderator to delete or search engine was abandoned, so webmaster in when the forum should pay attention to the skills you want to soften the statement to each moderator or make users feel between the lines, you say is a fact, the website link in the article, the necessity but let users feel moderator and linking.

specifically, we do the chain construction:

each line will have some portal or classified information website, to these sites posted your company information, leave your links, this website is relatively good for links. You can also register some ID, some training vest, in turn release, but should pay attention to constantly changing IP, so that no cheating

5, if the above four ways you are at the same time, but the number of the chain was not satisfied, then you should do? Here, the old China mall responsible person Liu Yugang to give novices.

The Internet is the product of the Since the

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