How to select the keywords B2C platform

4, of course, in the long tail word, we must consider the user experience, especially in the face of so can not only as "2011 New Men’s shirts, casual or short sleeved plaid shirt" such a word to do Title. To some reaction product characteristics combined with the word. Such as: "the latest Korean cotton washing feet high waisted jeans, you can also add other brands, such as" color,……" These words, in a word, search volume, conversion rate, and the users feel these three things are indispensable.

take our shirts for Crespo card company, a product, in the selection of Title, if considered from the perspective of optimization, like the words "men’s shirts, Casual Shirts, plaid shirt" relatively is the largest search. But we can not blindly to do so, the reasons are as follows:

1, B2C product page itself is small, such as keyword only choose those popular, will make the whole site have many similar pages, it is one thing to show the dislike to the search engine.

3, should let the inner surface to optimize some long tail words, such as "2011 New Men’s shirts, casual or short sleeved plaid shirt" relatively long tail word competition will be a lot less, as long as the page is enough, there are always some will have good rankings, will bring a lot of traffic, but it managed to avoid the same product key words the same situation.


2, the word search volume, but more competition. If these words are used to optimize the large inner surface, not only to compete with the channel or column page, and will lose

keyword is often related to the future success of the optimization or effect, and for B2C, the first of his selected keyword is hard, if not only can bring traffic, also want to consider the energy into the user’s keyword, another point is to consider the user experience, not light in order to optimize and not for the sake of users, so, especially its product content page keywords, to reflect the basic information of some products, allowing users to see, know about the product information, although it may not have to search.

(, please advice.

there are a lot of details, in which not one to dwell. There is little time, perhaps, then write. Because the current task is to put a small Crespo card mall official website optimization.

Xiao Xu is mainly responsible for the optimization of the mall, there is no previous contact, now just to talk about personal views.

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