Lazy Links method for construction

first, we have to know what is the link exchange platform

Hello, I am the future. Our website construction website has been officially released for several months, at the beginning of our weight is not high, so we are active to find someone else Links the exchange. After several months of efforts, our website also rapidly improving the strength level. That we are lazy, do not want to take the initiative to find others exchange chain, and we are now using the link exchange method is a passive attitude, namely the use of link exchange platform.

in addition to the two link exchange platform outside, there are many excellent links exchange platform, Shanghai dragon Er can also search "link exchange platform" to get more in the search engines, as shown below:

link exchange platform is a single function in recent years before the rise of the site, only one role is to provide information, link exchange. In the link exchange platform, users generally is each web site, search engine optimization personnel (Shanghai dragon ER), who published his own website information in link exchange platform, they want to release the Links information of the target, and then passively wait for others to find their own link exchange. For those of us in Shanghai dragon Er, with link exchange this platform not only enables us to save time and effort, but it is a valued link exchange method. But the disadvantage is the need to leave all the webmaster contact, such as QQ, e-mail, send the information on the surface appears to be of no great importance, but there may be potential risk sending spam. There are a lot of Links exchange platform, we have listed domestic popular popularity two Links platform: "want to chain chain GO9GO and poly Rui network link exchange channel.

here I would like to introduce my common friend chain exchange platform, is the release of relevant information in a chain exchange with a chain exchange regional forum, and then wait for the response. Here with a chain exchange tools Forum: Shanghai Phoenix Forum, 28 push, push etc.. This method is suitable for a wide range, but also bring the chain, but the drawback is that the need for manual in someone else’s reply until the audit, on the other side of the back in to find a suitable chain so far. Here we take Shanghai Phoenix Forum as an example, the analysis as shown below: >

want to chain chain GO9GO is Links platform for domestic popular popularity, Links information can be released for free here, and by "management links", advance their website information to Links platform home, in order to facilitate others now, as shown below:


poly Rui is a chain exchange platform for users of professional Links self-service exchange platform, currently has more than 100 thousand of the owners here to exchange links, links to resources are very rich, as shown below:

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