How to resolve the negative information in Shanghai Longfeng ingenious ideas

appeared negative information don’t panic, do not hype, as the saying goes: "Good news goes on crutches qiuckly" you may want to tell colleagues are good company to deal with negative information, but the results as you click and search results to obtain the rankings and the weight of negative information, we should look for the negative sincere apology and redress for for the customer rather than looking for what the company delete delete posts, then you will find the delete negative numbers. After obtaining the customer to accept our apology, can the soft editor is not usually a lot of stationmaster said no what to write? Processing negative information is actually very good material, the article to write honest so that we think you are very sincere to get public recognition, this kind of company is very small it is easy to get forgive.

technology can settle the temporary negative, but if not, after reflection and summary >

The bad news is the emergence of an enterprise

are generally negative peer or media exposure, the harm of negative information is fatal, because the negative information wasn’t like the conventional negative just to demand better services or products, they are in order to attack the enterprise and the existence of. Such negative information needs for the special case of processing, such as "you and Yili story". But we can nip in the bud, the conventional negative strangled in the cradle to avoid it into special negative.

two, special negative

conventional negative refers to customers to buy our products for service or product quality caused by the negative effects of this kind of dispute, at first is relatively small, but probably because of the wrong operation of our own and detonated it, most of these negatives are customer first and our customer service or customer service communication without, then say you don’t deal with me to send you to the negative, may not understand the harm of negative customer service personnel do not care which lead to negative production. Then the customer will address negative information to our customer service, customer service staff will tell other employees that other employees will search or click on the negative information to give weight to get ranked, assuming our company website one day only 10~20IP if we have 10~20 people to click on and search the word, then there will be related to the search, so that we their own pit other customers find the relevant search usually click in the search, this development may be transformed into a special negative negative routine.

, a conventional negative


, a brand in the process of operation, some may be due to our services or products cause customer dissatisfaction, others are peer malicious slander, a negative properly can shape our positive image, will seriously affect the company’s brand and performance. Today Xi’an Shanghai dragon for everyone to share how to use the means of manipulating the negative information of Shanghai dragon. To deal with negative information, first we try to understand the types of negative information, negative information Xi’an Shanghai dragon will be roughly divided into two categories:


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