Love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2 strike range analysis


this day Shanghai web search anti cheat team in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform released "love algorithm 2 update notice" green sea, once again set off Shanghai dragon industry to discuss the boom, but it seems that the discussion is only around the chain, here we discuss Qiu Yongsheng and his interpretation.

3, to release the soft site bearing the appropriate punishment, reduce the search.

first thank the two authors, from all aspects of the chain point of view, see here, the webmaster of the two articles Mount Taishan and the North Star signal, A5 and ChinaZ passed out, that algorithm 2 is still the core green chain, but Qiu Yongsheng thinks that the big home seems to ignore some an important thing.

1, filter clean up the garbage chain;

2, outside the chain of high quality

just watch it for the first time, Qiu Yongsheng thought like everyone, love the sea to increase efforts to combat the soft chain, think about is how to regulate the chain approach, to avoid the risk, two articles A5 and ChinaZ seem to have confirmed my thoughts, but always feel not so simple, love again in Shanghai on Webmaster Platform. "Love the sea Scindapsus algorithm 2 update announcement" carries on the detailed explanation, that the article mainly said there are two blocks, a block for soft Wen promotion, the other one is for news source site.


"love sea 2 update notice" issued Scindapsus algorithm, the views of the great spirit is also the first time published:

ChinaZ "personal webmaster on how to build the green algorithm chain", the author blog opinion:

1, Shanghai green love algorithm is mainly for the chain part.

filter soft outside the chain;

A5 "fell in love with the sea green algorithm 2 strong incoming, Shanghai dragon how clever response", the author Liu view:


4, to attract outside chain

link analysis

2, the target site for proper punishment.

5, suggestions for the construction of the chain Scindapsus algorithm, Shanghai Longfeng guide users to share content.

Q pigSeveral key points of the construction of the chain:

According to

news source site:

3, the principle of

2, the target site punishment;

two Update 2, Scindapsus love Shanghai algorithm, let the webmaster understand the need to return to the site itself, more understanding of what is called the user experience.

3, let the owners know practical site optimization is the right path.

for soft promotion:

4, according to the green algorithm, how to build the Shanghai dragon chain

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