Shanghai love note website revision

4, after the website is not in Webmaster Platform or submitted for a long period of time after the submission.


capture abnormal new website concerned, in the short term appropriate to enhance the grasping pressure to help new websites faster capture

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform published: July 25, 2013

2, new web page is not set 301 jump relationship or a very short period of time to stop the 301 jump;

1, a short period of time, the two level domain domain name frequently change two directory exchange and URL rules change frequently and so on;

2, old and new "must be set up and the 301 jump and jump between old and new content capture, for a period of time until a new web page collection and sorting to achieve a relatively stable and good condition;

website notes: website tools to help

index fluctuation attention the new website, the website shows the attention tool has been replaced with link number

Hello! Webmaster Platform launched website tool has been a long time, we have recently analyzed a large amount of data, from which found a lot of problems are worth to pay attention to the Webmaster:

and Webmaster Platform use website tools you love Shanghai notify the site of the old and new revision (old and new sites are required to verify, can jump 301) processing acceleration system.

first use 301 jump all page redirection system that will gradually replace the old

information submitted will first check system, calibration cycle is generally about a week. Check after the changes take a long time, can be through the following method to check whether the process during normal operation:

The revision of the

3, when you do the website preparations, please login Webmaster Platform website tools and submit the relevant data.

also on the old site.

under normal circumstances, the website for their performance in the search engine will produce a little loss, once these problems will make the loss of expansion, this is our webmaster and do not want to see, therefore, hope that the Webmaster:


finally, use details about the website tools more please read the website tools to help

1, the website should be cautious, that is necessary under the condition of

Dear webmaster friends:

when your website revision (such as replacing the domain name or a large number of links in the short term permanent jump), to ensure the new resources be included, and show the effect of index volatility does not appear, we suggest that the steps are as follows:

3, the old page within a short period of time will not be able to access;

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