Shanghai Longfeng planning should be done on dental site

is the summary of the five points, after discovering more and then share with you. In this paper, A5 start > turn

In fact,


to tell you the truth, this thing is like a chain of mechanical operation, construction ceaselessly, accumulated ceaselessly, adhere to and beyond. This pre planning may be hard, because of good ranking site high weight link some dental will lock trouble. The estimated number of people outside the chain, then you can calculate the average construction time, such a plan step by step, but also a clear goal.

Localization of

I use the open source program (phpcms), because it can save the initial cost. The beginning of the selected program, because if it is changed into program, will cause the path to change such a terrible 404 so out! Also is the site of the structure, we all know that the site is the flat structure will affect the site’s features, the structure in initially decided.

, a keyword optimization direction planning

personally think that the selection of key words and planning is the most difficult, first choose the target keywords and long tail keywords, to determine a good estimate, keywords ranking time; for the calculation of initial keyword conversion. This is the station should be planned.

four, dental website contentThe core

of course, the directory structure is an easily neglected problem, especially the directory path, such as dental site, dental disease is divided into many types, optimal path, it is a headache. Both want to let the path short, you can completely explain disease, head to want to burst. Just began to want to use the Pinyin – well, but this disadvantage of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is used in the form of the last spelling, such as tooth type, implant the case of planting such as have dental implants, I was using..zhongzhiya/zhonglei like this. The current observation, this column implant ranking is very good.

dental site should do Shanghai dragon plan

three, the directory

now the medical industry of Shanghai dragon competition super strong, like many oral and dental business have also entered the Shanghai dragon to want to have a space for one person in the internet. However, in such a fierce competition in the rise is not easy ah, so do the planning of Shanghai Longfeng before a dental site will caution. Now to share my opinion to do some minor dental site, everyone can look at the exhibitions.

five, the construction of the chain

Planning Planning of

of a website is its content, how to output the contents of the one and only, is the most critical, because the content is to the user, final orders or user. So, the dental website content are all around the user.

two, and the structure of the website program

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