Shanghai dragon industry is bright Shanghai dragon Er occupation is dim

Shanghai dragon chain whatever how hard, how many search engines in the competition, Shanghai dragon is every webmaster want to site to expand to experience. Now whether it is personal website or corporate website, there is a specialist of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng team in the web service, no way this is a big trend. Whether it is love or Shanghai, Google, 360 search engines, home to 10 locations, ten positions of hundreds of millions of websites to grab (if you remove pr>

is the third quarter of 2012 to the search engine market share report for the first quarter of 2013.

love Shanghai in 4.17 days after birth experience with words and more publicity. The library is more and more difficult to success. And in the blog is becoming more and more love Shanghai algorithm is low, the use of anchor text too much love of Shanghai is also likely to be considered cheating chain;

two, Shanghai dragon industry outlook is good.

as of now (2013.10) 360 of the market share has reached 20%, compared with 13.42% in March 13th, 6 months will occupy 7% of the market share. Love the market share of Shanghai search engine is being eroded. In the future is to compete in many search engines, 360, Google will rise, the love of Shanghai is no longer the only choice of search engine. Shanghai dragon Er search engine will face more pressure.

In July 1st

love Shanghai’s market share is gradually reduced to

chain has become more and more difficult to do, Shanghai dragon.

, the Shanghai dragon is each site must do

, Shanghai dragon Er occupation is dim

decide on what path to follow?Second,

Shanghai dragon industry prospects are bright, and Shanghai dragon Er occupation is dim


love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2 updates, this piece of soft Wen chain became a website with the poison of fear. Then the main classification information, yellow pages website corresponding revision, publishing platform can put a plurality of small. The chain for the emperor era is lopsided. Shanghai dragon Er how to do?

entered the Shanghai dragon in this industry for half a year, have their own understanding of Shanghai dragon. In the big and small Shanghai dragon forum Post Bar, Webmaster Platform and some QQ group global long, Shanghai er know more or less general view of their occupation of the dragon. Shanghai dragon Er mostly in the forum to complain, complain, complain that Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, more difficult to love Shanghai. General Shanghai dragon Er occupation future is bleak. I think so, too。

love Shanghai 4.25 released "on the chain of judgment" and pointed out that "judging whether the chain for the chain of the principle of real recommendation". Love Shanghai is to eliminate the human chain release way. While the soft chain looks like it is a good way.

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