The chain is analytic Xicihutong high quality chain

first we look at Xicihutong of the whole site, we first look at the PR value, the weight value and included quantity. As shown below:

Yesterday I saw an article in The construction of the chain of

A5: fast to make the high quality the chain (a): xicihutong. This paper describes the chain weight Xicihutong is high, the construction of more simple, the author of the article before interest, has never been considered to Xicihutong chain construction. With doubt the Xicihutong chain survey of A. The result is the author thinks that Xicihutong chain is not high quality of the chain.

weight Xicihutong is really good, with an enviable 8 weight, and high included, high flow. From the overall point of view, is a good platform for the construction of a chain. And then we are faced with a problem, released in the above chain is easy, the author tried in the above published an article, and took their chain. As the result of a link and theoretically release easily. The spirit of a shock, it is a good platform for the release of the chain. But happy not long after I found a detail that is outside the chain is not we imagine the kind of pure chain, but a hyperlink. As shown below:

is not a simple hair of the chain, which contains many interests. Reasonable analysis of the chain is valuable for us to make our time and energy wisely. This paper from the Thailand San Jose website 贵族宝贝she555贵族宝贝/, reproduced please keep the source.

as we optimize the staff may know, the chain is not worth the weight transfer. We can see in the picture above, we can see that when a user clicks on our link, is another page will first enter the Xicihutong, then to the target page on the jump. Xicihutong so set, one can increase the site’s visitors, more important things in order to avoid the loss of external weight, to prevent too much garbage chain. I believe that this is why weight Xicihutong can keep a good reason. Then we have to face such a problem, that is the chain Xicihutong does not exist optimal value, is at most a site exposure value.

From the above we can see that the



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