Site binding domain two lead solution weight dispersion

method to determine the 301 redirect is not applicable, so the website which have been filed in a new directory, Guangzhou trademark registration web site files a copy, binding the two level domain name, so you can use robots.txt to disable the search engine included in the directory contents.

the author found the Guangzhou trademark registration network of the two domain names are included, so immediately set up a 301 redirect, make the use of the two level domain jump for promotion to the primary domain. It can reduce the repeat included site was brought to the site damage. The website now has a collection of often, you can go to consult.

some time ago, due to a trademark registration in Guangzhou substation of the company to do for promotion, but because the site does not record, and love Shanghai provides personal website can not do for promotion. Then in another company has filed a separate website in the two level domain binding to the site bidding promotion. As a result, Guangzhou trademark registration network not for promotion of the problem is solved, but also a problem again. The web site also bind the two domain names, one is used to do the bidding, the other one is used as the Shanghai dragon, but after two days later, I found that as the bidding of the two domain names is also love Shanghai included.

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according to the normal situation, because the site is in a space, long time repeat included, then the site is bound to be K, if not K, then due to the weight of highly disperse, website domain name is very difficult to obtain ranking. Before considering the use of robots.txt to prohibit the search engines, but in the robots.txt operating instructions, no method included the domain name, if you use robots.txt, then only the prohibition of website content, so that the two sites are not included. So how to solve this problem? Here to share with you:

, a 301 redirectAfter

of course, which is built on the premise of the binding domain two must be on the site, if the site does not have the necessary binding domain two words, then I suggest that you do not go to the bound. Results the website weight is distributed, and the search engine will think this site is mirror sites, direct K off is no ground for blame. This article from the Guangzhou trademark registration 贵族宝贝, please retain the copyright information.

301 redirect is indeed can solve the weight dispersion problem, but I found that after setting the 301, Guangzhou trademark registration network when bidding promotion can not query the site visits and path, thus to promote the obstacles. So we must find new solutions.

two, a new directory

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