The impact of the mirror site

in optimizing a website, but the company itself is the site set up mirror sites, web application, the content of the purpose of what exactly as like as two peas, I also don’t understand. The mirror site has been proposed to do 301 jump to the main site, but did not (which is the main cause of the mirror site with more than 2000 IP is not willing to do so close to jump). Desperation can only continue to do optimization task I. What is the two sites, there will be no link, that is considered to be advertising. To analyze friends love Shanghai (the two keywords, ROM home and brush house rankings are in second). The following is I met this month.

, three examples

first published articles in almost 1 minutes can be included, but is not the mirror site to determine what time will be included. But the overall situation, the master station included more than 50 thousand page, more than 10 thousand page also mirror site. The keyword ranking is, the master is the main keyword and the article page keywords good ranking. The mirror is a good ranking list page. The mirror site good ranking keyword list page corresponding to the above master keyword list page ranking is bad or the corresponding page other less related pages.

The author of the recent

master A using the relative address, so it is easy to do data mirroring mirror B. We are mainly standing outside the chain, the mirror station sent a few early chain. The difference between the two sites in the chain difference is above two, now the site of the station is: A love Shanghai weight 3, PR2, IP daily about roughly 8000. Mirror B love Shanghai weight 1, PR0, IP daily about roughly 2000.

for example, such as ZTE n880e rm-607 the keywords I done outside the chain for the keywords, such as Shanghai Post Bar love this kind of interaction is very high, the link and so on, but the result is beyond 100. And the mirror site does not do under the condition of the chain, ranking is eighth. There are many examples of this, perhaps this is the mirror site of one of the dangers.


, four potential hazards

analysis of two station as well as the performance of the keyword search engine with


some people say do mirror also has its advantages, a page can be repeatedly included, when the master cannot access can access the mirror sites, can also master shunt. Yes, these are much earlier in the methods used, but this method is out of date. Now, as long as the love mirror site found in Shanghai will give drop right processing, the master is not affected by, I think more or less will be affected by the impact. And if love Shanghai mirror site as the primary site, the damage will be incalculable. So we should not do.

, an analysis of two station operations of

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