The Jingdong general store two classified pages of Shanghai Dragon three

three is changed from thin to thick slash is implicitly the goods may at any time will be the price, do not buy now, the village is not the store, to give users a sense of compact.

2: tell the user "home appliances" this category contains several categories of products

analysis of the Jingdong general store two classification page in Shanghai dragon "yesterday (two)" in our analysis to the advertising, continue to look at the following today’s

"home appliances" with the H2 label, why not add link, my understanding is that

but because of limited space, can not be displayed, so only show some of the most common category.

The upper left corner of

1: give a small spider net, let it go to

1: this page is mainly for the keyword "household appliances" the scope of the word, it is a classification of the home page, the anchor text may lead to excessive weight dispersion

The right side of the

some anchor text link, the first anchor text is "hot", as the name suggests is selling a good product, when people buy all have a common psychological, we are buying things if not what good stuff but there is absolutely no difference, this reflects the special psychology in online shopping especially strong, people enter a product list page, ranking is the most commonly used "sales order" and "sort by price", so "hot" two words to a certain extent, brought back the user wants to know more about its interest, only to the user interest, as the success of the first step……

, a "sale", directly tell the user of this product is very cheap.

3: for users, navigation in the "large home appliance" is to tell the user, click here to enter the "home" of this classification, and here’s a "home appliance" the objective is simply to tell the user, below the products belong to everyone electricity in this category, is to let the user see below shows the product, rather than allowing users to click here to enter the "home appliance" classification. So here only red bold words to tell the user information.

behind several small links to two


a big picture, clear the product picture show.

in bold red text slash several simple and intuitive to tell users now this product is exactly what activities, we all know that is very cheap and very short cycle "theory,"

2: navigation already has two "home appliances" anchor text links to seduce spider climb, here there is no need to increase the burden to the spider, a spider climb the same anchor text may also be more tired and tired of the

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