The Shanghai dragon practitioners dilemma a bird in a cage to the blue sky

was the internal circle is relatively small, while in the second and three line city, almost no large-scale professional optimization company. The small and medium-sized Internet companies, the Department of Shanghai Longfeng not many members, such as communication circle problem. Long without fresh blood in, plus itself on the Shanghai dragon team is not seriously, resulting in a lack of communication within the company. A meeting or training has become a cope, this is the Shanghai dragon team status and many difficulties, but it is difficult to improve.

second, let employees to learn new knowledge, but not all tangled up in the chain to release, come down for a long time employees must feel tired.

said Shanghai Longfeng work, basically can be used to describe the word can be boring, think about what kind of work is not repeated. Because of this reason many couples can not give up halfway to the end, there are many, and now the bottom of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners salary level is very low, so many people choose to give up Shanghai dragon. Or do live one day at a time of the day, according to their own personal experience, both in the second and three line city of Shanghai dragon general practitioners.

Shanghai Longfeng circle can be divided into two categories: one category is the leadership of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, another kind is at the bottom of the Shanghai dragon practitioners, to the author himself as an example, the main work is to write the content and the chain construction. Of course, the entire site planning of Shanghai dragon does not need to be responsible for us, but the Shanghai dragon is not only the content and the chain so simple. When considering the user experience and operation, the bottom of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners on don’t know how to start, especially in a small network company, the internal circle is too small, often let us as we need a broader caged bird, blue sky.

third: lost enthusiasm, the status quo of

second: lack of communication, trapped in the small circle of

first, improving the welfare of employees, which is the most fundamental problem, if the treatment is too poor, not what employees work enthusiasm of nature.

: the first boring work, insipid

third, to make the training plan, in order to inspire learning interest in Shanghai dragon. It can mobilize the enthusiasm of all, of course, the specific implementation of the time are very difficult.

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for the majority of the bottom of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, lose enthusiasm for work, and are not in the minority, the author is one of them. The ranking has become more and more difficult, more and more work pressure in Shanghai dragon, long do not rank more will make many people lose confidence, and then begin to muddle along. No longer thinking about how to do the optimization, but gradually become a mechanical chain and this code, many Shanghai Longfeng team are facing problems. As to how to solve this problem, the author thought from three aspects.

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