The website reflects the value chain of Shanghai Dragon

not all the station link web page

The number of each article in the chain


general webmaster accustomed to when related keywords appear in website link to the web page, but this link the main purpose and the starting point is to improve the site keywords ranking and weight, but on the other hand it may hurt the site keywords ranking and weight, also can let the spider love Shanghai any such link is completely in the manufacture of the garbage chain, site a long time will inevitably suffer to search engine punishment.

website user experience is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, but for many webmaster ignore sites within the chain, and as long as the link to the website home page, column page, content page, so it is in the site within the chain at random links, and the total disregard for the user experience of the website and search engine spiders to crawl the feeling, when the spider came to all the pages are basically climbing to irrelevant pages, this time will be down right on the site for a long time, usually by the website ranking. So when do the chain must grasp the correlation within the site chain.

novice webmaster often make mistakes, which is the most common mistake: Shanghai dragon all internal links all point to the home page, the main purpose is to enhance the site weight first name, but whether it is related to the homepage keywords or a link, and has nothing to do and point to your home page, any such great blind to enhance the website weight, actually this approach we can guess, if some spiders are attracted to the website, there is a natural deception, so it can be a short period of time to enhance the website ranking, but for a long time, may be caused by a serious drop right even by K.

site keywords links must be a reasonable allocation of

website optimization, website inside and outside the chain chain chain is also crucial in ranking at any one site are endowed with relatively large influence, according to the years of practical experience in Shanghai Longfeng, reasonable chain page generally have very good ranking, we know the inner chain important chains in Shanghai Longfeng value where? How are we going to do the site within the chain

for the site, in addition to the core keywords, other keywords is more, but many of these are concentrated in the corresponding one or more pages, you will need to do the work assigned keywords within the chain, the website content updates, the same page only needs a corresponding URL address anchor text links can, but must be related, as well as the URL address for the anchor text link must do the degree of the control, the distribution needs reasonable, so that to the search engine or the user experience is good effect.

link or the page must have certain associated

site within the chain site within the chain is.


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