To really want to learn a friend suggested Shanghai Dragon

this problem seems very simple in fact. We all know that Shanghai dragon after all is the search engine to deal with. So, we should learn the skills of Shanghai dragon, whom to learn? The novice will feel that this is not nonsense? Of course with the teacher, with the senior school. So I ask you. The senior teacher who learn with? Here are some savvy students should learn to guess who. Of course is through the observation of Shanghai love to return the results, and then after a lot of trying to learn the. It is through their own study skills to find out the latest Website Ranking Ranking method.

is the first Shanghai dragon dealing with who

? skills?

had a Shanghai dragon friend, he always asked me to learn Shanghai dragon real what to do, I didn’t say what reason with him, I have a word with him, from tomorrow onwards, to see 3 to 5 Shanghai dragon blog every day, no matter whether the update the main analysis of each Shanghai dragon blog inside and outside the chain, the domain name included, the length of time, with the number of IP. Links number, website structure. The number of backlinks and Analysis on this blog to compare the results, which is the main factor, the relative absolute, adhere to a month later come back to me.

many people see the so-called Shanghai Dragon God to make money through the Shanghai dragon, how many people pay their own efforts is no thought, blind to join in, leads to that I said. Do not complain Shanghai Longfeng PPC to the fast, more is now suspected of Shanghai Longfeng useless. A lot of people like me, the QQ group of people is not to mention the. I don’t need to say forget these words, I say a few things to really want to learn the skills of Shanghai dragon friends.


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novices will ask me a question, how can the promotion Keywords to the home page, or what method can fast up and so on the topic, usually ask are basically just in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng optimization sooner or a period of time without effect, so for this the type of problem, I answered do not know how many times, because this problem is too general, speak up endless.

Shanghai Longfeng can say if you do good, must have the effect. And you don’t is Shanghai dragon. In fact, I don’t want to fight any one just in Shanghai dragon friend, because Shanghai dragon’s effect is not by how much you pay to decide. Many people will feel, is not every day I send hundreds of the chain, update the article, do keyword ranking will go? I don’t think people think that this is the case, should be a group.


how to learn the true Shanghai dragon

led to the emergence of this problem should be done with the execution of Shanghai dragon mentality, Shanghai dragon with Shanghai dragon need what, my previous articles have said many times, do not have to repeat.


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