The value orientation of the title of the website


site title setting will not only meet the need of love Shanghai crawl, but also to be able to provide the search needs of users, this can be a good and qualified website title. Set up in line with the above two factors to the title? We can be analyzed from the following two aspects:

, the first station in search of the user’s point of view! Since the user search the keywords, that he (she) content related to the keywords of interest, or is this information query. Keywords related to the content of many, how can we know the user what needs? This needs long time experience and try to figure out the user’s psychological, but this is not enough, we can quote authoritative: love Shanghai drop-down box! Here to teach you a little trick, when we fell in love with the sea when input a keyword, the drop-down box will appear in a keyword heap, and the keywords from top to bottom is usually the largest user demand keywords. So we can find the keywords users need

site title is the core keywords of a website, is the user search keywords to see the first impression of your site, also love Shanghai first, and its importance is self-evident, in the "core site title on the website of the guiding role" in this article, I have focused on the factors. Since the title of a web site is so important, how can we set the title, today I come and discuss this problem:

second, standing on the perspective of a search engine! Love Shanghai to capture the core keywords, also is the site of the title, matching degree, website content contribution value according to its title and content and links (inside and outside the chain chain) voting score, ranking will give a website with its value, "in which I the core of the web site title guide" this article mentioned, here is not to say the. So, the title of the site settings will not affect the overall ranking of a website that is the answer?. As we all know, the title of the site we will set the 3-5 key words, and the first words of highest weight so! Our first keywords must be set to the keywords can solve the needs of users, the second key is user second, say you understand. That is to say the web site keywords in the title must be a progressive role from the user needs to demand in the first second to third requirements of this order, it can enhance each other between the keywords ranking, will love Shanghai to grab the site title to the site after a high score. What kind of website title will affect the overall ranking of the key? Here, the keywords in the title key exclusion principle, I explain to everyone! Since the keywords set into the progressive type can improve the rankings, what kind of keywords are rejected in the same type? Keywords not and competition. That may be a little confused, for example! Take "warm baby" and "relieve dysmenorrhea" of these two words to say, warm baby is the role of mitigation and treatment of dysmenorrhea, between the two words.

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