Analysis of the influence of several important factors of site traffic

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flow is the web site at survival, a site if no flow, even if the content is rich, also just a beautiful shell, no value. Only a certain amount of access to create a certain profit value. The traffic is more important. So as a promotion personnel, we must analyze the access conditions of the website, the website traffic statistics analysis. To know that our competitors compared with website lack? What needs to be improved? Learning promotion skills and methods to improve the flow, improve website search volume brand. This is the core of our work. Today we will talk about analysis of several important factors of traffic to the site:

now many enterprise web mail promotion is one of the first choice, an eye-catching promotion email, sometimes can bring good feedback and must flow. Responsible for web traffic all know that every day we have to statistics mailbox source? In statistics, it analyzes what email sources more? What mail better propaganda.

we all know, in the flow is the king of the network world, or the best search engine, if you search engine traffic rarely or not, it means you stand were not good enough. General web search engine traffic to account for more than 50%, is normal. We can see through the cnzz statistical tools all through which keywords to my website, and then according to the key word search volume to specific optimization, improve search engine rankings, get traffic.

forum, blog promotion is essential, in the post popular popularity section, not only can bring a lot of traffic can also make the website popularity soared in a short period of time. We can see through the background statistics which forum source, which blog hits more? Forum source through the post, decided to choose the forum "

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effect is the best, the most significant still belongs to the brand search volume, if your site every day search volume reached thousands, or even tens of thousands, that your website propaganda has done very well, like Admin5, Xuzhou to stationmaster net net, the recruitment of such large-scale web search volume every day too many to count, flow naturally high.

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website optimization webmaster know, love Shanghai love their own products, like Shanghai Post Bar, love love Shanghai library, Shanghai map, Shanghai love Wikipedia, of course I love Shanghai know that weight is beyond doubt, like Xuzhou to Shanghai every day through the network flow to know love is very good, because a little optimization look, basically can have ranking, but now love Shanghai know the chain is not easy, so we have to be careful to use.

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