When exclusive copyright is no longer the threshold how can the competition for digital music platf


with a set of beauty and talent in a woman, get tens of millions of investment, valuation of billions of dollars of fame, Luo Zhenyu sold 12 million ad "first night" experience, the name was broadcasting and rectification, now down, also began to appear by the user who does not like.


but in the face of such "stingy" Spotify, let the music people can not refuse.

earlier >


Chen Anni, belongs to this kind, she will have the net red identity into the business products, even if the 1 million user retention rate to early drainage is not good, let Chen Anni look at her comic from behind the stage.

if we take the concept network is not so much red, from Ma Yun, Robin Li to Luo Yonghao, Dong Mingzhu, Lei Jun, these giant companies active in the frontline bigwigs, all have their own "Red Net" character.


is a good user experience for Spotify. Unlike traditional music player passive, Spotify aims to help users find music, emotionally close to the user’s heart, experience, to meet user habits, but also both social attributes.

coincidentally, the timing of the announcement was "hit" by Katy Perry Katie, ·, Perry who released the new album Witness in June 9th Taylor. For a time, the Internet has raised a great deal of discussion about two lovers killing female singers, digital music, "selling sounds" and "personal grudges".


recently, the topic of music circles in Europe and America Center Taylor Swift Taylor · Swift announced that, in order to celebrate their album "1989" sales exceeded 10 million, and certified by the RIAA single total sales exceeded one hundred million, all her own album in all music streaming media platform again, including before she blasted "do not respect the artist value" Spotify.

"people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong",

Chen Anni’s successful realization of the use of net red identity drainage

Papi sauce catch is not good, this season, is a radio broadcast platform to make snap to rectify, what I want "and" fuck "," cheap like"…… Papi sauce, you’re talking too dirty. The radio babies have to be neat and neat for you.

, look at your dirty words:

Tucao Papi sauce a lot of people: >

a "sorry, I only have 1% life" comics, won the one million users for a comic APP, the Red Net characteristics of successful products to the drainage of the "great Anne", "dream back bitch" reputation, to achieve a lot of start-up team coveted 1 million initial users.


Papi sauce is "ruined"

net red by SARFT requirements rectification, to vulgar, all kinds of live platform began to implement the real name system, blacklist system…… A long time ago, net red people rely on the mode of survival, supervision, and now the net red, more like tightrope walking.

is really ", so Papi sauce slightly destructive to the morals" a dirty word to delete, delete and continue to publish video.

as for the re development of the later, to see is purely the product itself, has nothing to do with the net red.


the result is, 10W+’s reading, 2W+’s point of praise……

so, what are the "seductive" changes in the last two years of the music streaming media that make the singers love and hate, and


to reduce the income, can not stop the music "gestures"

first of all, Spotify has a huge number of users. At present, Spotify monthly active users more than 100 million, the number of paid users has reached 50 million, representing an increase of 25% over the previous six months. Huge user base, optimistic growth, higher rate of conversion of paid users, who can deny the charm of Spotify?




over the past two years, the relationship between musicians and streaming media has become increasingly subtle. Two years ago, Adele Taylor from the Swift led boycott led by the Spotify free streaming behavior, now Taylor will all work yourself back on the shelves, music for streaming media is no longer a tough attitude and swing, and the living environment of the media streaming media platform for music to say, is a good news.

giants’ net red characteristics drive their products to promote and display, the Internet community of civilians is more inclined to fast realizable means: micro business, Taobao…… In search of "net red realized" this road, different circles have different means.

, you want to cash, always need an outlet, which in any kind of red net are common.

in "music more and more poor, the record company more and more rich, Spotify" arch-criminal "?", music pioneer ID:nakedmusic wrote, in the free on-demand mode Spotify with advertising and subscription model, a single click on the platform for the creation of music revenue continued to decline, from the original very now low, low to "heinous".

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