How to set up the hotel website background information

Shanghai Longfeng, influence ranking search results more elements is TItle, so here we added custom page title, keywords function. Because each site optimization of the same keywords the end result are not optimized, such as some optimization of Lijiang Hotel, Lijiang Hotel, some can optimize some optimization, optimization of some hotel near Old Town of Lijiang hotel near Old Town of Lijiang, you can analyze love some of Shanghai’s search results, can help you how to set up suitable your keywords, title.

here is a point to note is that {minjiage? Use element method} tag, {} which with the mean when?? data when the front? Behind the Chinese characters is displayed, each label can be set here, not only limited to the price.

in the label "# {Ningbo Fubon stadium #10}, here is the new alliance, so webmaster can organize some original content, the relevant information is added to the information inside the hotel. The search engine is love original content, but also on the reservation for the hotel to do a very good guide, and the background of the advertising system can even combine the advertising links to your release information, grasp each period very popular activities such as the most accurate, close to the Asian Games in December, around the exhibition, civil servants test information.

How to set the background

city name required, not with

label instructions: the name of the city # keywords # {call number}

is currently the two functions in other hotels which have not appeared, hope every webmaster can make full use of the two features, his own website to make features make different, to make traffic.

keywordsAccording to the analysis of our department

webmaster can prepare some similar aspects of these articles, such as concerts, exhibition information, hot tourist destination, Asian Games and other reference

Fill in the article are as follows:

, a hotel related information into the information content of

hotel website information

? Keywords

is the default setting for our hotel list page:


Please pay attention to the content of

can not be emptyThe maximum number of calls to 10

how to organize the content of

we have added recently held in Ningbo concert of Jay Chou for example, the title "Jay Chou Ningbo concert hotel early book"



two, management background custom page title,

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