Analysis of reasons and details of site is K

cause the site was down the right.

found that this is the case, first check your friends of the chain, to help find the webmaster tools, see is not a chain which is search engine drop right site or by K, some words immediately removed, if not promptly remove the words are likely to be implicated, so suggest you Adsense must check the chain regular quality, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. There is also a case of Shanghai Longfeng site optimization excessive, especially new sites most likely to happen at this time, we recommend the site within the chain density decreased, some important key to highlight the use of labels, then in about two or three weeks, page generally can restore weight.

Other details

recently found that many of the old site, has been included is quite normal, suddenly one day to check their site site to the home page, but with the domain name search can search directly to the home page, and also included a reduction in every tick, so in this case we should immediately go to check the chain, to see whether it is the friends of the chain is involved, of course there are some is because some Adsense changed title title, or trojan website is linked to a series of circumstances, so this time the owners must make specific analysis on their site, then modified, as the time of the site can be recovered, after all the search the engine is very important for the old site.

two, often do not update the site, often change your title title keywords. Do not update the content of the site is like a spider crawling over each food, looking for fresh food to feed, but after entering your site to find no food can capture, for a long time the spider will not come to you in the site of predatory, so we must ensure that the timing of the new, this is the most basic problem of website. The other is to change the title title, the title is like the face of a man, is like a cosmetic change, every time.

site home page is not included, the contents included the normal page.

, a server space is not stable, often appear isn’t open, so when you visit the site of the spider that cannot go in, once two times the spider said never mind, will have a feeling of boredom, so far to the right site visit, this is the most tragic.

old station suddenly site home.

with stationmaster industry is becoming more and more popular, whether it is to do the father when the mother after 70, the struggle 80, even the young 90 have joined the station in this industry competition is unprecedented, so that each stationmaster is very not easy ah, we want to make a station, but also often do not know how offended the search engine, and then causing the site to drop right home page is K, and so on, especially for the novice webmaster but then Laosheng today is a bolt from the blue, to share some of the solutions, we hope to help.

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