Don’t talk about old the original ranking just flower briefly as the broad leaved epiphyllum it

in Shanghai against duplicate content increasing situation, "the general copy" Internet event has improved. Is the inevitable owners started to recognize the original content, pseudo original has become increasingly shaky. For the love of Shanghai, stressed that the original is do in order to do their own user experience, consolidate their own brand of charm. But in the webmaster’s point of view, the original ranking for what is the meaning of


so the final decision is in the hands of users. This is reflected in some of the new station is particularly evident. The new station will carefully start, not just the collection content, station is generally a high degree of original content. So new sites will get good rankings in just online. But their ranking is often short-lived, because the new station is often relatively simple, not too rich content to attract visitors, ranking will soon fall. The so-called "sandbox effect" is about the situation. Enter the sandbox after the new period needs to optimized step by step to the long climb back from behind.

so, optimization must have a clear understanding of the nature of the original, not to the original and the original. All in the search engine of the original is generally relatively rough, without considering the user experience, so the original rankings is destined to be short-lived. In order to obtain the lasting rankings >

before the answer to this question, we first analyze a typical means of cheating: hot industry into the popular content not related. For example, a web site is to do the popular wedding photography industry, but due to intense competition, want to get good rankings have great difficulty. So some owners will insert some related content on the popular wedding photography website, such as insert a camera shell material article. Because the content is popular, has a certain scarcity, love Shanghai will soon included such articles, and can get good rankings. In this process the domain name ranking will advance a lot, but this is a typical deception visitor’s behavior, now the search engine can be easily identified and punished.

see here, I believe we have to understand the meaning of the original content. Strictly speaking, popular content of original content is equivalent to the above mentioned, are scarce in the Internet, will give priority to ranking. From this perspective, the original meaning of ranking is great.

is far not so simple. The original rankings are temporary search engine rankings, the unique original content in the front row, only temporarily assuming web content is valuable, is the needs of users. As to whether it is worthwhile, the search engine to the user to decide. If the row in front of the original content can obtain a large number of users click, and then the user behavior on the web site reflects is very attractive, search engine will think these content is indeed a user demand. What time will the extension of these websites ranking, otherwise only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.


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