Analysis of website update frequency and ranking of the association between love Shanghai

second: because the update frequency of the different types of Web sites are not the same, so we cannot blindly pay attention to update frequency, in fact, I think, for different types of stations, search engines should have the corresponding search cycle, therefore, for some enterprise station, if the frequency of updates but do not conform to reality it is not to have the effect, I think, for a class of station, search engine will have a certain period to crawl included, so frequent updates are not necessarily meaningful.

fourth: frequent updates is meaningful, but more attention should be paid to the quality of


: first we should pay attention to the quality of the article, and not to update and update.

generally, the author believes that with the increase of web pages of good, ZhengZhan weight will slowly be accumulated, so as to improve the site’s ranking. So as Shanghai dragon, we want the website information update frequency to understand, in fact, update frequency is also an important way to love Shanghai weight accumulation, but we must pay attention to the reasonable transfer of weight.

search engine to access the site, which included the new page, also want to check before the movements of the page. This is the kind of feedback mechanism. Included in the previous page visit, will the new URL is added to the access database. At the same time, frequent updates to develop a good habit of spider crawling, which is advantageous to the site of the cumulative weight.

many friends hope that their website has a good ranking, so do the chain, website content, many webmaster friends think the site update frequency is higher, so with the increase of time, the website ranking will be very good to improve, so many webmaster every day try to update the content, which if unable to get high quality content, will try to reprint a think good article, then, what are the links between web site update frequency and love Shanghai ranking? According to some observations of their own, here and put forward some own views, I hope everyone pointing.


third: update frequency is too high will cause the search engine to alert

so many people think if you want to keep the ranking, it must maintain a certain frequency, even if the quality is not good but also have a certain effect. But in fact, this idea is not accurate, after all, we update the article is not to look to the search engines, more specifically, we should not be the pursuit of update frequency, but really have the original or quality content to offer visitors, you should update.

if the website content quality is not high, high update frequency will cause the attention of the search engine, to increase the site audit, which will lead to bad consequences.

webmasters will find such a situation, some for a long time not updated station rankings is very good, this is a very normal and very.

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