Analysys released September data love sea search market share steadily recovering

following the August total number of visits to achieve the proportion of 1.6 percentage points of growth after September, no change, traffic share at 5.8%, ranking third. In the third quarter, soso and Sogou reached a strategic cooperation. The proportion of the total number of visits SOSO August increase of 0.4 percentage points to 1.8%, and continued until September. Analysys believes that with soso into Sogou Tencent platform to bring technology, data and flow of resources, and to expand the new Sogou in traffic market share, enhance its position in the search market.

Analysys released September data: love sea search market share steadily recovering


technology news November 20th morning news, Internet data and analysis firm Analysys released today September domestic search market data show that the love of Shanghai’s market share rose slightly in the third quarter of September, 72.1%. 360 search ranked second, share of 14.2%. Sogou accounted for 5.8%, ranking third.

Analysys International believes that the changes in the market environment, PC and mobile search market have perfect double:


China Chinese after August following the withdrawal from the market the proportion of the total number of visits fell slightly in September, stable at 1.9%. The fierce competition in the industry makes Google China share gradually to be divided, and the Chinese continued to explore the search quality and user experience did not follow up, lead to the advantage of shrinking.

Google Sina

in the third quarter of this year, total love to visit Shanghai in the whole network in the proportion of the number of steady rise, July 71.4%, August 71.9%, September 72.1%. Analysys believes that with the love of Shanghai products continue to improve, the traffic is increasing, which makes the advertiser keyword advertising on the market gradually to further enhance the recognition.

360 search accounted for 14.2%, ranking second; Sogou accounted for 5.8%, ranking third. Google China accounted for 1.9%, ranking fourth; search accounted for 1.8%, ranking fifth.

Chinese search engine market increasingly fierce competition, the future love Shanghai, 360, the new Sogou launched a more intense game. Analysys think tank eCDC (consumer behavior Chinese digital analysis system data show that in September 2013, the total number of visits in the search engine of PC+ mobile, love Shanghai share of 72.1%, ranking first in the. In the first, second quarter of this year, Shanghai love search market share of about 78%.

data show that in August 360 the total number of visits to search the proportion increased by 4.3 percentage points, to 12.8%, in September amounted to 14.2%. Analysys believes that with the optimization of browser and other products and services to carry out the 360 vertical search, not only to strengthen the drainage capacity of entrance, also accelerate the commercialization of the 360 search, and then drive the growing traffic.

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