Ali integrity through a combination of love Shanghai auction will play more than 2 1 1 pattern

now for small and medium-sized enterprises, two of the best platform for the promotion of information is two, one is represented by the B2B Alibaba platform, the other with a search engine as the representative of the love of Shanghai. Some people may also say that micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, video marketing and so on, for China of small and medium enterprises are still too immature. Even the most basic B2B are a problem, at least in this industry where I was. So on the whole network marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises is also not realistic, can do love Shanghai and Ali is very good. Of course, the two platform is different, such as partial information factors love Shanghai more and more partial commodity factors ali. So why is the biggest profit Shanghai love to support the medical industry, because the medical profession is the type of information.

as you know, Ma said the data is only in the navigation, the data support the case we can know what we do right, do good. Because of the very limited Ali treasure net sales data, we do not support the basic data analysis. So I stop using network marketing treasure, not this thing is not good, but there is no data to support the case I can’t do. Analysis of various data love Shanghai bidding can be very good, analysis of the data dimensions are large enough that you can not imagine. For example, we do Tianpai tin packaging, we can analyze the inquiry most is what kind of keywords, which brings a kind of conversion keyword. This part of a word is extracted, such as we do Tianpai tin, common suffix word tin, tin box, tin box, tin box, metal box and so on, we can easily get into the analysis of the types of words of high.

then send information on the Alibaba mainly add that one kind of word conversion is high, and focus on the display object. Can we get some unexpected search for words, if you are open, widely, this is very valuable. Finding this kind of keywords, whether in love or Shanghai Ali is very valuable. Love Shanghai bidding inside data can be used to Ali too much, love Shanghai access to data is the most widely. This is the love of Shanghai to support Ali Ali, of course also can support the love of Shanghai.

I was doing this Shanghai dragon was born, our company is doing the product, so Ali and love Shanghai have. I have been to two can be combined, and the pattern of 2 1+1<. I have been wondering how to make Ali combined, through the exploration for such a long time, now is something. Say you want to discuss, two platform combination, very understand the properties of the two platforms. Ali is known as data to do the best, but I find it just for its own use of data. Don’t give the majority of businesses to use, I did a few days Ali Ali chengxintong, Ali is the same as love Shanghai auction, but very limited there to see the data, not worth mentioning compared to love Shanghai auction data.

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