Amazon launched cloud search service in six years to return to the search market

Amazon CloudSearch cloud search service can integrate the search function in Web sites and applications, whether it is user oriented website or corporate website, it is the same with Amazon贵族宝贝 search technology. This is a great progress in the business, because a lot of electronic commerce website search function is very bad, no potential income.

image hosting and sharing sites Smugmug through Amazon cloud search service support picture browsing, other use of this service include Search Technologies, NewsRight, enterprise, Car Domain and Sage Bionetworks etc..

2004, Amazon has had its own A9 search engine, initially rely on Google to provide search results. In 2006, Amazon closed the A9 search, and A9 project technical director of UDI · Manber (Udi Manber) joined Google. Amazon in six years to return to the search market, the Amazon search service has become a real commodity, it is one of the AWS service.

search service scale is different, the price is also different. There are three kinds of scale, small and large, super large. These examples of the price per hour were 12 cents, 48 cents, 68 cents. Upload data and additional charges. You need to configure the change of index data re charge 98 cents per GB.


Beijing on April 13th news, according to foreign media reports, announced in the "Amazon Amazon Web services (AWS) before the" add a series of "cloud search" (CloudSearch) service, after a lapse of six years to return to the search market.

‘s chief technology officer Vogel Weiner · (Werner Vogels) through the blog said: "the Amazon cloud search will have the effect of democracy, because its function is to use many users before. Amazon cloud search can be said to be a powerful search engine, which we are familiar with the price for every developer, support on-demand (pay-as-you-go) model. It allows developers to improve their products, lower costs, even without management."

The Amazon

cloud provides another option to buy the search service search for businesses and individual developers, Google through Apache Lucene and other open source search software to provide such services. Amazon Web Services Technology Division Jeff · Baer (Jeff Barr) said, users can set up their own search in less than an hour, the service price is only $100 per month.

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