A5 Yue Huai talk about virtual host to Shanghai dragon factors selection optimization

again: the best choice for independent IP host. Site on the independent IP host, not only can let the spider love, included fast, improve the site high weight, also can avoid other search engines penalize sites implicated. Because the shared server usually put a lot of Web sites, once a website is search engine punishment right down, then, other websites will suffer, with independent IP do not have to worry about the site is affected by other cheating sites implicated in increased safety performance.

: finally, in line with the user experience. Customer is God, the webmaster as long as to meet the needs of customers in order to successfully conduct site operations. Shanghai Longfeng optimization to meet user search habits, virtual host selection should also be the same. If the user is most telecom users, we are willing to let a telecom access business, this is conducive to speed up the site loading speed, speed, the user will not turn off the page, reduce the bounce rate. Select the server according to the user to set the orientation search. Most users love love with sea to search China >

: the first virtual host configuration consideration. The configuration, virtual host has the fame is certainly each stationmaster’s love, so when choosing a host to host from the virtual price, space size, the number of independent IP, the capacity of database, how to facilitate the management of domain name registration, to select the host types into consideration according to the website or space support system the program.

: second selection techniques: 1, the performance of quality stability must be high, grab a spider web content is regular, the virtual space is not stable, it will let the spider grab content uneasy, don’t know exactly what the song, not to grab the lead after 2, faster; that users visit your site, often not open, the consequences will be grievous, not only reduce the user experience, and if this is a spider to grab your site, but can not enter the harvest what are not, it must be very angry, not updated snapshot, the site is not included such problems will appear; 3, with no restrictions the flow of space, the site to flow is high, this is certainly not restricted, no matter how many people visit no problem; 4, support pseudo static web pages, web static, pseudo static spider love Page included, saves the host resources, increase user experience; 5, can do a 301 redirect, after the site is down right, the webmaster can do 301 heavy weight regain the original website ranking has always been.

to select keywords, domain name, virtual host website is very helpful for the optimization of Shanghai dragon. The virtual host like locomotive, Shanghai dragon optimization like body, head is not good, there is no way to run the car. The site is the same, the virtual host has no choice, even in the website optimization, website ranking can not run, or not go. Then before do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster how to select the virtual host, search engines love what server, virtual host selection and what they need to do?

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