Description the correct wording

is the description of the site content introduction, description of the ranking keywords although there is no direct effect, but when you enter the keyword ranking in the top 20, describing the role of the beginning. If a website is well written, in accordance with the needs of users, so the description can attract users click, thus gradually pick improve site keywords ranking, so we must pay attention to the description of the plate. Through some of my views, for we exchange how to write a description of the website.

2. manufacturing industry scarcity. Scarcity is the only identification we distinguish from other sites, users are not interested in the same content, different in order to attract the user’s attention, so we should highlight the difference between us and the advantage of others. For example, your company’s products is the industry’s lowest price, then you will have a price advantage, we can focus on our price advantage, to show our low price to the user. If the quality of your products is the best company, then you will have your own product quality be described. We should be able to show their advantages to our customers, certainly can not be fooled. If your price is not the lowest in the industry, then don’t brag about being the lowest industry, because as long as the user that you are not the lowest, so the user is very difficult to believe you.

1. mining user needs. Description of content on the site is a comprehensive introduction, when your competitors, and meet the needs of their users will choose to click on the website, so our description must meet the needs of users. So how should we dig? First we have a considerable understanding of our industry. Because only the very understanding of our website product industry, we can more accurately understand the users pay more attention to what. Here we can use love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search for user demand analysis. I worked in the LED advertising vehicle as an example, we love Shanghai led search advertising car, mobile LED advertising, LED advertising vehicle car manufacturers, car LED advertising prospects, how, LED car LED car advertising advertising video, led mobile advertising, LED advertising vehicle car price advantage will love Shanghai related to search, this is the search keywords users are most concerned about the content, this is very consistent with the needs of the industry. Because I am engaged in the industry is a type of investment products, users will return and market prospect of the product concerned. The price is also the user pays a content, generally a keyword + price are users more concerned about things, so we should be included in the description of these users pay more attention to the content.

3. description to be easy to understand. Many of us love Shanghai Longfeng stacked on the description of key words, actually this is meaningless, will only make the user feel much, because the description stack keywords will not increase the relevance of your site. Most words can describe display is 75, that is to say more than 75 words after the contents of the user can not see, so we describe the number of not more than.

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