From Shanghai 628K station to see love love Shanghai’s own changes


as shown in figure


in June 28 for the webmaster is a black day, a large number of websites have been kicked out of love Shanghai database, in addition to fire, basically K website is Taobao guest website, not to mention the quality Taobao guest website itself, just look at the strength of Shanghai will be able to know the love of the sea change algorithm is love in the direction of the user experience, frenzied bidding relative to previous love, Shanghai is now standing in the customer’s perspective on the search results ranking problem.

space is limited, I will not say why Taobao off site will be K, this simple describe: Taobao, customer API site, Taobao data directly call, causing a huge amount of repetition page, caused great distress to the love of spiders in Shanghai, similar to grab page analysis, take Shanghai a lot of love the database, so that similar sites, Shanghai love is seldom included, even not included. Second, Taobao guest single page station, single page station to sell products, website content empty, keyword stuffing for such serious, Shanghai is also the site of love at a distance. The black hat Shanghai Longfeng site, although the black cap can make the site a short time can get good rankings, but in the love Shanghai algorithm change, black hat will be kicked out of the site, this time between 1 to 3 months, so the black hat Shanghai dragon is absolutely not to be taken the.


understand the antecedents and consequences is what we have to love Shanghai search engine change. In the field of market Chinese love Shanghai is a single large, there is Sogou and soso market share increased significantly. Shanghai love search cakes are been eroded by these late search engines, if it is easy to be replaced by love in Shanghai did not change, love Shanghai know that this market is not always the giant, reform is the only way. For the love of Shanghai work everyone should be very clear, because he is a spider crawling algorithm integrates a variety of procedures, so he might not accurately identify as artificial as is wrong, wrong place. The wrong web spam will affect the user experience. For example, we present the domestic search engine three mainstream contrast, are like Shanghai, soso, Sogou, we search the word "Qiushuiyiren". We look at the screenshot, may be due to the different city, different search results.

before 2010, Shanghai love search results has a large number of auction site, black hat Shanghai Longfeng site, users in the use of the love of Shanghai, often see some mandatory advertising, want to find what you want to see, very difficult. Later because of the problem of counterfeit drugs fell in love with the sea, love the Shanghai government was named rectification. Remember the NetEase’s search engine advertising slogan is: love Shanghai unscrupulous, a NetEase. It is also reflected in Shanghai at the time the dilemma of love.

loves Shanghai as shown below:

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