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new year, it came to the 2017, the new year, I do not know if you have a small target set one hundred million, no never mind, help you have a good plan for science and technology arena business plans for the new year, O2O increasingly popular not only small entrepreneurs must see, also see in the eye, so, small finishing a new O2O business plan, to see if you dare to let go! Let Xiaobian together look at

The first and foremost thing about


The five essential

B2B is Business, to, Business enterprise to enterprise + Businesman, to, Businessman businessman to businessman

dear Peng! You wanglian spectacular friend good afternoon:

simple example, but it illustrates in the Internet era, you use an organization with an enterprise to retain another enterprise is impossible. Truly connected or businessmen to businessmen?. Understanding this is critical because we are talking later about why B2B has multiple accounts and that’s because of this first nature. When we design 2B products, we must be clear, absolutely do not think that your product is for the enterprise, and you should ask the question should be, this product is to the enterprise who use, which?

first, O2O+ catering distribution

believes in many office workers



fourth, O2O+ fresh distribution

I often say, do B2B is to have the mentality of bitter, 2B spirit, in the spring of the times, do a very hard thing. Why do B2B hard 2B? Because most of the funding we heard the story, the story of the capital is usually 2C, is a consumer oriented carnival, but B2B is behind the scenes, it is not every consumer contacts every day, not every day in the street to see, not to mention the B2B itself a very difficult thing.

B2B is that it is not simply business to business, but business to business, plus merchants to businessmen. I’ve talked about it many times, but I still want to thank Ma again. Because it is 2005, 06 years, Ma Yun and I speak a word, let me understand this essence. He told me at that time, Wei Zhe, do not only understand B2B as enterprise to enterprise, because the first essence of B2B is actually businessman to businessman, or entrepreneur to entrepreneur. It must be clear, the carrier and the audience service today, is a entrepreneur and a businessman, rather than a business or a company, in the Internet era, an organization or an institution is sticky live people, stick people must be sticky, people have.

today, first of all to share with you is the five essential issues of B2B. Talking about the essence of B2B, in fact, is to see the essential difference between it and B2C. What’s the difference between B2B and B2C? There are five main aspects.

, for example. Now Beijing mayor Cai worked in Hangzhou during the period, he served as Minister of Zhejiang provincial Party committee organization, first opened a personal micro-blog, and soon won the 6, 7 million fans, a large network of V, but in contrast, when the Zhejiang provincial Party Committee Organization Department of micro-blog is only 6, 70 thousand fans.

said that women and children’s money is the best earned, according to the national "two child policy" fully open, do not make more small reminders, I believe that smart customers have already seen the O2O market, there are too many maternal and child needs. As a pregnant woman, while a special time to take good care of yourself, while for the arrival of a new life to prepare, there are always a lot of things need to configure for prenatal, new mothers, children do not have ready, every day there are emergencies, sometimes the nipple burned bad to buy new the baby is sometimes special shampoo out, always need to buy some emergency supplies, and maternal and child class O20 is their Savior! The more important is a good place for maternal community O20 or new mother exchange experience, children what time to start to eat food supplement, which stores on sale, in short, Xiao Bian think baby take the market prospect of O2O



second, O2O+ pharmaceutical distribution

is the so-called hunger breeds discontentment, the National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2014, the market size China catering industry was 2 trillion and 790 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7%. Catering o2o development is more rapid, it is expected that in 2017 the restaurant o2o market will exceed 200 billion yuan, compound growth rate of more than 30%. In recent years, as the pace of life has accelerated, the number of people eating out and taking out meals has increased.

O2O Entrepreneurship Program


do not worry!

third, O2O+ mother and child delivery

medicine as a special subdivision industry in the O2O field, has always been the main point of competition from all walks of life, including sh419, Ali and so on. Why is medicine so striking? A large part of the reason is that the medical relationship is closely related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. It is a matter of fact that it is difficult for the common people to see a doctor and to see a doctor. Also, pharmacies under the line are constantly changing. On the one hand, people’s large pharmacies such pharmaceutical giants continue to upgrade, hoping to catch the Internet this train, become a well-known pharmaceutical boundary line under the enterprise. Secondly, a variety of Internet companies are also constantly testing the water line under the pharmaceutical industry, hoping to be able to share a cup of soup in the field. Therefore, the pharmaceutical O2O will become the biggest trend in the future.


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