Webmaster change the monthly income growth rate you might not want to think ofThe Body Shop will be

afternoon sleep, 0 working state, after deducting personal interest, remaining only in the struggle for our life. If you are a senior webmaster, see here, please float over, the following article you do not have to read.

smart tips!

L’OREAL group CEO – Paul ·, Ann Gong in an interview, said: "The Body Shop is still a beautiful brand.". Maybe other people can do better."

1, proficient in website construction. Is not proficient, but also more than ordinary people know more about website construction

1, click on sh419 advertising alliance. This league deduction amount, needless to say, but income is good. 2000ip well, there are 300 yuan in income,

‘s previous major bidders also included private equity funds, CVC Capital Partners, Brazil beauty giant Natura, and CJ group in South korea.


February this year, the Financial Times reported that L’OREAL group plans to 1 billion pounds for its The Body shop, looking for new buyers. Four months later, some private equity funds have expressed willingness to buy. Among them, China’s Renhe Pharmaceutical Group also conducted consultation on the auction. When people are guessing "drug" and "drug" can be integrated, today, Renhe pharmaceutical has been clarified, no direct or indirect intention to acquire.

when it seems all the more painstaking. Write here, let me secretly smile: I am also a webmaster, although IP is not much.

4, the show League, mainly has the first video. 3000IP has about 200 monthly revenue,

generally speaking, 1Wip’s website has one month to deduct the server, can have several thousand yuan advertisement income, certainly not generally more than 3000 yuan.

, based in Hongkong, founded by Cai Chongxin, one of the Alibaba’s core founders, manages part of Mr. Ma’s wealth and Cai Chongxin’s $8 billion fortune. Major investment in health care, artificial intelligence, big data cloud computing and other fields. Investment in technology companies, including we are familiar with melon seeds, used cars, straight sell nets, beautiful say, sing, go to market nets, etc..

5, other specialties. Every man has his head.

let’s take a look at what the webmaster has,

3 search consortium. The league is well matched, but it has very little income. There are mainly sh419, valley brother and so on.

then went back to the personal website long month can earn much money to buy a car? No? Senior webmaster will be nothing difficult, Xiangche beauty villa villa, everything. More people live on

has 3>

4, not stupid. This is very important. In particular, there is no point in building technology, and can earn money through the web site, long is not stupid:

another potential buyer from China’s background might be Ma Yun’s family office Blue Pool Capital. According to the Reuters, Investindustrial, the European private equity fund, has invited blue pool capital to bid for more than 800 million euros in joint bid for The Body shop.

in 2006, L’OREAL Group acquired The Body Shop at 652 million pounds. At that time coincided with the natural cosmetics are very popular on the market. However, in the acquisition of ten years, L’OREAL’s argument is that "The Body Shop has not been in accordance with established track development."". In L’OREAL’s latest quarterly earnings, The Body Shop sales of only 197 million 200 thousand euros, down 1.5%.

this a few years behind and often in the webmaster online, or a group of people think when the owners of the wise; time do not want to go on to do Sohu family at home, you can also get a low income. Other lines,

many people say that the webmaster’s income is low, indeed, the webmaster’s income is very low, I am always very low income.

these special skills may not be useful in some industries, but they are valuable in the field of network e-commerce.

3, know the user experience

2, understand the characteristics of traffic and visitors and the importance of the site

5, other alliances. Generally included lower than this.

6, monthly advertising. Direct advertising income will be higher.


, let’s take a look at the website’s current revenue stream. At present, the biggest revenue is advertising revenue.

was founded in 1976 by The Body shop, founded by Anita Roddick. It also experienced a "beautiful" development process: the main natural and healthy skin care philosophy and against animal experiments, is now hot "single brand shop sales model founder, like a garden and forest shop style and the style of the product, once by Diane’s favor. There’s a total of 1200 products, covering the body care, facial care, cosmetics, indoor fragrance, hair care and other categories, more than 3000 stores in 66 countries worldwide sales.

2, click on shlf1314 advertising alliance. The alliance doesn’t cut prices, but it’s divided into opaque, often psas. Some Chinese websites earn more than sh419, some lower than sh419’s

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