Online education looking for real disruptive innovation say to Wangzhuan several superficial view

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editor’s note: This article by the time named co-founder He Feng micro-blog / Sina feeds watercress ID:@ peak brother he Feng, this manuscript before the Clayton Christensen view system discussed and extended, and put forward a very interesting point of view, education and entertainment. Interested readers can interact with him via [email protected]

recently read a few articles on Clayton C>

I’m rather disappointed with the existing online education. Of course, from the point of view of correcting energy, real innovation has not yet occurred, and leaves a lot of room for imagination. My disappointment is not directed at China’s online education. I see that many American MOOC have not been freed from the traditional educational model of the past. Most of what they do is also trying to copy online classes online.

, but that’s not a joke about people doing online education. We are confined to the educational tradition of extending hundreds or even millennia. Like the people of radio stations in the 50s, we can’t imagine the possibilities of new media to them, images, to us, the web. But this piece also brings hope: after decades of development, TV programs have spawned such rich content as TV shows, news and talent shows; it is reasonable to believe that the real wonderful of online education is far from coming.

‘s current online education gives the same impression: the professor or the professor, the textbook, the textbook, the assignment, or the assignment. The difference is that the professor brought up a camera in front of him.

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either in real life or in the network life, most people want to quickly make money overnight become the upstart of course better; in the network, the use of fast Wangzhuan money making ideas There are plenty of people who are. So free Wangzhuan also laicourenao, talk about their use for Wangzhuan money quickly view. In fact, it doesn’t make much sense to talk about this topic, and it can only make others think we are talking about the big truth. Because many people know how to become an upstart, nothing more than lottery, won the grand prize; pick up what kind of money, and so on, huh, huh?. This way of making money can certainly make a big fortune overnight. But how many people are so lucky to have so many people all over the world?

36kr online education series. Some of my former insiders are different. I’m not running an online education company. I was involved as an online education, "depth user" and an occasional content creator. But since these two kinds of people are the most important people in online education, our voice is necessary.

starts with "no spending" crowd,

, that reminds me of a piece of the story: in 1950s America, radio programs were well developed, but television was just beginning to spread. Some radio stations suddenly became television stations. They can’t think of a TV show is probably what it looks like, so still use the original cast, hired the original radio announcer, different only in front of a camera announcer. Those who upgraded from the audience to the audience received almost the same programs as before, except that they could see an announcer with a confused expression.


I think to want to make money fast, the best way is not to try to think how to make money fast, as long as the intention to do the industry to do the first, as long as the first, the opportunity to make money will take the initiative to come to. On the other hand, if you’re full of money, you can’t do what you want to do. What you don’t do well is the chance to make money. This is the famous successful scientist, Mr. Chen Anzhi, who studied the secrets of success in more than 100 top successful people in the world. I think it makes sense.

what will the future look like? How will it come,

and if you’re a diver, you always think of how much do some advertising, earn more money, you can not play basketball, playing basketball is not good, will not be welcomed. You have no market appeal, and you have lost the favor of advertisers. Naturally, there is no advertising available. What’s more, your salary will not be high and you can’t make any money. On the other hand, you don’t think about anything outside the court. You play basketball and become a top player in the basketball world. Natural sources of wealth are rolling in. The fans love you, the media loves you, and the advertisers love you. Rich contracts, high advertising endorsements, will come to you like a flood. Is that the truth?.

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