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as I do before the product is the same, a lot of grass root entrepreneurs can only know to do their own products, but do not know how to do PR, so the product is good, no one knows what it is, just like a cup of C girls, walk to bent. Today I from a start-up point to blow newbier, tell startups PR those things.

when the Northern Song Dynasty Sima hit the light cylinder, in the reform of Wang Anshi when he left politics for fifteen years, wrote a "mirror" the masterpiece of yew. As the fall of Wang Anshi, the court to re find a prime minister, then who? Sima Qian, he wrote a book "yew mirror", and is the highest of the widow, his voice, and the logical host. This "mirror" is his mentor PR for

why do PR? We give some success from far to near PR chestnuts to explain it:

said all of these may be too far, then we look at the current popular personage, right?

online publicity method to search a lot, to find the most suitable for their own. You can go to my website to see some methods of website promotion. Here says two: make full use of the chain and soft wen.

so, how do you make money online? Make money online, you have to have a home online, that is, your website or blog. First, register a blog or open a web site, then add content to your website to make your blog or website look more professional. As for the filling of the content is to find the Wangzhuan project. It is what I did, or money, or feel good project very much information about the project website I believe we will, put them into the site, to the site to add some basic knowledge, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan experience the best is original, not the modification of others. Wangzhuan tutorial etc..

literally, PR is Public Relation Public Relations, of course, there are people in the industry said that the self is PianRen a, it is of course the PR public relations, public relations and public relations when you live in a small card hotel received is not the same. PR range is very broad, definition I do not say, that is the theory of the matter, I say here PR, is to engage in propaganda!


two, why do PR


signature settings, you can go to post and post. Should pay attention to the thread, the content of the reply is not the same, otherwise it is likely to be determined by the search engine Spam, mass. What kind of post is worth answering? The latest or most recently released post?. Zhidingtie. Reply less, zero reply post. Zhidingtie spider will climb back, few posts outside the chain on the possibility, the latest posts included the old post, may have to wait until after the update links are only effective advertising stickers, N ~ spam post links are not reply, each forum should not exceed the number of times a day.

when collecting the PR high forum, when registering an account, editing personalized signature is essential, that is, it will display the signature below each post. You can customize your passage according to your own situation. My forum project creative area also welcome you to send your own project.

or the big vernacular, according to my personal understanding, PR is the use of all opportunities, before the public said he was forced to chant. Further vulgar said veteran entrepreneurs borrow Chinese hardcore, saying that "still caught when squatting who used the most important thing is not how much money you have, but others think how much money you have." So, what is called PR is: "the most important thing is not to say how hard you are, but how much people think you are."

Abstract: according to the concept of jiangnachun media heavyweights, there are two main channels: living space and information model, the so-called living space is to advertise on TV, bus, elevator, the movie, the so-called information model is to advertise in the information platform.

website is done, how to publicize this website namely. Why should the propaganda website, if only publicity union links, alliance changes, so we used propaganda posts is full of waste, in order to avoid such a loss, we will not only have publicity union propaganda website, and focus on the publicity website. Because the project is on the site, even if the alliance has changed, and the code has even stopped operating, we just want to get rid of the articles about the alliance in the website. Because your website has not changed.


! After

first, choose PR high forum or website to publicize your blog, why? Because search engines prefer PR high forum, this is related to the site’s search engine ranking is also called SEO. Can go to my webmaster website to see some of the basic knowledge of SEO, how to see PR, http://s.tool.chinaz/Ranks/, you want to query the web site input, this inside OK.

? Everyone has read

many people just make money when the network, enter the site to get a link everywhere hair, think so even propaganda, the results can be imagined, the effect is very little.

at the beginning of the founding of the Republic of China, political thought Yuan Shikai was the most capable, but why let Sun Dapao this is not my nickname from the host I don’t report? This is because sun of the United States will greatly pull party Freemason, constantly to the domestic Hongmen national power, said Sun Da, how about good and handsome note the comma, it is said that electricity before and after thousands of times, so all the people know that the sun is so greatly cattle B characters, and then logical when the temporary president.

one, what is PR

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